How to heal sunburn with natural skincare.

What is sunburn?

Sunburn  is quite uncomfortable and painful. Sunburn  can provoke aging and pigmentation on the skin the least and cancer on extreme cases.  The symptoms go from redness, inflammation , sensitivity to actually blisters, headaches, fever, fatigue and nauseas.


Prevention is cure hence it is better not to get to the point of burning your skin by following some guidelines:

  • Protect your head with a hat
  • Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Plenty means at least 2-3 litres of water daily
  • Use natural/physical sunscreen NOT chemicals one that cause harsh secondary effects in your health.
  • Be aware that strongest sun hours are from 12-4 pm. Avoid direct sun exposure between these times. Wear a hat, a t-shirt and sunscreen

Chemical vs Natural sun filters

I have been working in the cosmetic industry for 15 years and  I strongly feel the need to start speaking the truth after studying, researching sun care products.

As summer has officially started, my best recommendation for you is to use natural sun care products that use  NATURAL filters and plant extracts ONLY as opposed  to the CHEMICAL filters used in many supermarket and pharmacy brands which are highly toxic in so many ways.

CHEMICAL filters need to be applied 20 min before sun exposure to be effective, so the chemicals have enough time to  alter your body producing more free radical protection. By doing this,  you are taking the risk of disrupting your hormone system and altering the estrogens level , irritation on sensitive skin , redness,  irritation on eyes, clog pores, can cause rosacea and many other serious health risks.

NONE of these harsh effects happen when you use NATURAL/PHYSICAL filters as they don’t get absorbed . Natural sun filters sit on top of the skin creating a healthy barrier against sun damage.  Natural filters will be effective immediately after applying on the skin, you don’t need to apply 20 min before sun exposure. Often natural sun care products has other natural ingredients apart from the sun filters that moisturize and prepare the skin for healthy sun exposure . These ones can be karanja oil, pomegranate oil , carrot oil, prickly pear seed oil, raspberry oil,  that are specifically good to enhance sun protection .

Natural filters does not get dissolved in the water therefore you don’t need to re-apply every 1 or 2 hours as often recommended in chemical sun care products.

One important note, regardless the sunscreen product is chemical or natural . Sun filters must be micronized and non-nano . Nano-particles penetrate the skin much deeper . Not good .

Also the negative impact of chemical filters in the environment, oceans and aquatic beings is another big issue . Please protect yourself , your family and our beautiful beaches. Chemical sun products leave a plastic greasy layer on the sea that you might have seen sometimes on the beach. Disgusting and sad !

So how we heal sunburn once has occurred 

Once you have burnt your skin you can do many things to repair the skin damage naturally .

  • Apply Aloe Vera gel is the most popular product . However try to find one that has not synthetics and harsh preservatives.
  • Or an after sun product that contain Aloe Vera and other ingredients that work well synergistically so the result is much better than apply only aloe vera on its own.
  • Chamomile tea bath. Just fill your bath with hot water and add few chamomile tea bags . Wait until the water temperature cools down to tepid water and enjoy a calming anti-inflammatory relaxing bath.


My best recommendation is after sun and tan booster from Ringana. Amazing plant derived oils and ingredients and a natural self-tanning substance called Erythrulose to keep your nice tan for longer. The product contains lovely Orange hydrosol, prickly pear seed oil (luxurious exquisite anti-aging oil) olive squalene that repairs the skin beautifully. Resurrection plant extract and cucumber juice for refreshing and anti-inflammatory effects,  Erythrulose a gently tanning substance . Skin soothing extracts such as frankincense, liquorice , bisabolol . The queen of the antioxidants Ubiquinone (Coenzyme Q10) . The one and only super mega humectant hyaluronic acid to retain and attracts moist to your skin. You can not ask for more in a after sun product.  All these with zero preservatives and zero fragrances.

Ringana is the only brand in Europe that does not use preservatives, hence all their products are made fresh with only active ingredients from plants and flowers. Zero fragrance and recyclable packaging are other strong points Ringana commitment with our health and planet care.

The after sun active ingredients are refreshing, anti-inflammatory, alleviate the pain, tightness and redness common symptoms after sunburn .

Happy summer!

La Mayca x

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