Lentil stew recipe -Traditional Spanish-.

As requested by my fans on Facebook here is my Spanish traditional Lentil stew recipe. This is typical meal that every family will eat at least once a week in Spain. Every region in Spain has their own version of every recipe as happens with many many other Spanish dishes. I belong to Andalucia region in the sunniest part of Spain.

This recipe is the traditional one that I learned from my mother, and so she did from  my grandmother. I usually omit the chorizo and morcilla as I don’t eat much pork (high in saturated fats)  but I have to admit they give a delicious and traditional taste to our lentil stew.

I have to say that for Spanish people its difficult to measure ingredients because we cook a lot with our own intuition this is the way I learn how to cook. Cooking is not a science its an art . It is about mixing the right flavors in the right way and order.

I will do my best though.

Ingredients : 250 g Brown Lentils,3 cloves garlic,1/2 half onions, 2 riped tomatoes,1 green peppers,2 chuncky slices morcilla (you can use black pudding) 4 chunky slices of chorizo, 2 big chopped carrots, 4 diced potatoes, 4 handfuls of rice and pinch of pimenton and saffron.1 l of stock. Few  bay leaves.  Extra virgin olive oil .

Note : You can add many other veggies like cougette, brocoli, celery, whatever you have in the fridge but always respecting cooking time of each vegetable)

How to cook ? very easy

Sautee everything onions, garlic, pepper and tomatoes, for 5 min. then add the rest and sautee for other 5 min in olive oil on a slow heat always. When the onions and garlic are caramelized then add the pimenton saffron and the stock a few bay leaves.Then simmer for 20 min aprox depending of what type of lentils you are using.

ONLY during the last 5 minutes of cooking time you can add salt, pepper, grounded cumin, I like to add a bit of ketchup and sherry vinegar for a final touch but never before as lentils will harden if you put spices and salt before they are fully cooked. Also spices and herbs will help  digestion .

Note: Depending of what type of lentils and rice you are using you need to work out the timing according to this recipe.

Hope you enjoy .

Buen apetito !

La Mayca








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