Making cosmetics – Christmas special 1.

Making cosmetics at home  is fun, interesting , inspiring , fascinating and so good for your skin and wellbeing. It allows to know what exactly in your products . If it is good for you it is good for others.

In this time of the year Christmas presents questions start coming to our head, there are people who have shopping list already. We started to wonder what I will get this year for my best friend, for my mum, for my sister. Every year we have the same challenge as we want to get something different and unique yet not too expensive but with some meaning or make sure he or she will love it and will use it. Something that he or she doesn’t have or wishes it for.

Why not making rather than buying when you have plenty of time in advanced I think it can be a great choice . Make something that you and everyone use everyday, something natural 0% chemical, something personalized . When you make something with your hands and give to a person that thing whatever is become priceless and unforgettable.

So I propose you to start finding out what aromas and preferences your family and your friends have. What skincare products they need the most especially in winter season, products they can carry in their bags,  or else products that will make them feel good, relax and positive. There are so many wonderful products you can make without spending a fortune and yet you will be sure to please everyone.

When you discover the power of essential oils, natural butters , plant and flower oils and what they can do to your skin and your mind you  it quickly become part of your beauty and lifestyle routine. It is amazing how putting some products of your skin not only is moisturizing, protecting and healing but also can  improve your mood, balance your emotions and even take anger, frustration and stress away after a hard day. Or make you sleep like a baby .

The fact of smelling something you like already make you feel good and positive doesn’t it? It happens to me that I grew up in  a town in the South of Spain where you smell Jasmin and Orange while you are walking on the street….  mmmm  what a nice feeling ! It is incredible how a certain smell bring you back to your childhood, to that trip , or certain experience in the past that you loved and you can even revive the moment through the smell.

Life is about experiences and experience is about moments . Good moments. Don’t you think ?


Carpe diem

La Mayca x




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