Making cosmetics-Christmas special II.

Making cosmetics – Christmas special II

If you have read the first part of this blog serie you might have an idea now about what is your friend’s favorite smell, what is your mother preferences, so you can have an idea what products you can make to give them in Christmas.

We don’t want to spend so much money in Christmas but we want to please everyone in special way but really is it about the price of the present? is it about the packaging ? is it about the size ? decisions, decisions …

or is it about the personal value you put when making something special for someone special ? I think that big brands shouldn’t put the value in what you want to give , is us who should decide that. We all know that in Christmas time everything is more expensive because brands and shops add a more festive  look to their products, items,etc. Then right after Christmas day everything that was so expensive get reduced half price. Isn’t it shocking how our mind and our money is manipulated by big companies  ?

I personally don’t go over the top with Christmas presents and this year I have it clear more than ever as I will making beautiful yet functional products for family and friends , will put a nice and personal packaging that is already in my mind  that I am pretty sure they will love.

I always appreciate creativity and said to my children that  the best present for me is something that they make for me, took the time to think what I like, took the time to research and find out how to make it and effort to make it for me with their own hands.

I know that not everyone has same talents but making natural cosmetics is so easy that once your learn the limit is the sky you will be amazed how many beautiful things  you can make in your own kitchen without the need of a sophisticated equipment and how many beautiful presents you can give without spending a fortune .

Let your creativity be the best Christmas present this year.

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Carpe diem

La Mayca x




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