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My First Skincare Workshop in Wild Cafe Estepona, Spain.

After a long pause of my in-person skincare workshops I am pleased to announce my first skincare workshop in Estepona, Spain .

Since I am not able to run workshops in my kitchen as I used to do in Dublin for a number of years.  I have carefully chosen the venue aligned with my natural and vegan cosmetic practice and lifestyle .

I have been a regular customer in this beautiful cafe restaurant called Wild Cafe for the last few years. The ambience and the place is modern and cool, chilled out but earthy and cosy just like their amazing food. Excellent quality and the presentation is a delight for the eyes. They have a  sun terrace and a  room upstairs dedicated to host  all sort of workshops : art, ceramic, cooking, and happy to introduce my natural cosmetics making workshops.

No better place to encourage what I have been doing for many years. My passion for natural vegan skincare formulation . It is my first workshop in my home country after living 14 years in Dublin.

I guess there will be all different nationalities in the workshop and might have to run the class in both languages, English and Spanish , new experience for me all right.

The idea is running a 5 week course with the first lesson taking place on Saturday 11th of March at 11am-1pm at WILD Cafe and Restaurant in Estepona .The participants will learn the basics of anhydrous formulation theory. We will be making a beautiful versatile face balm with glossy result to have the choice of using it as a lip balm too. A face elixir made from plant oils and essential oils customized to every skin type.

This skincare workshop will be the first lesson of level one and there will be four more workshops to complete  three levels of skincare formulation for face and body products.

I will run some other classes on haircare as well but I believe is enough with the skincare at the moment to see the demand along the Costa del Sol.

Places are limited. I highly encourage you to book early here

Any questions let me know . Hope to see you on the 11th at 11 am 🙂



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