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Finally I have joined the amazing Ringana brand. I don’t really know where to start as I love every single thing about what Ringana stands for. After studying and trying these skincare products for months, I felt the urge to become an ambassador and spread the powerful message of Ringana with its clean and transparent philosophy . In fact this has been the very same philosophy I started to follow and apply myself 14 years ago. This is what really made Ringana stand out for me.

So I will start from the beginning. Ringana was established in Austria 1996 . The brand uniquely combines science and nature to develop wonderful fresh, natural, I mean genuinely natural and vegan skincare products. Ringana also has a fabulous food supplement range. This post will be focused on the skincare range however its necessary and important to briefly mention Ringana’s range of food and sport  supplements which include omega 3, probiotics, immune system support, digestion, hormone, detox, antioxidant , energy booster, and mood enhancer supplements.

I will write a separate more detailed post on the food and sport supplement range soon.

The cool thing to start with, even though Ringana is a large company all the cosmetics are made fresh, in small batches. The ingredients selected for every skincare product are of very high quality and come from a sustainable source. Yes the brand has it all. Ethical from the first step in the lab to the last step when the product is in your hand, and even better when its on your skin. Oh I forgot something very important, the products are 100% effective, this is because they are packed with active ingredients hence each and every ingredient is active on your skin.

The skincare range contains a cleanser, tonic , serum , moisturizer, overnight face treatment with the hero ingredient of Retinol, eye cream, body milk, hand cream, foot balm, and scrub,  the deodorant and tooth oil are top sellers. Skincare for men include soaps, a tinted moisturizer, lip balm, sunscreen, after sun, cooling leg spray, body wash , soap liquid  and body glow. Most of these products are available in a sample/travel size so you can try before buying the original size.  This is something that is really helpful and the small cutie size is so handy for travelling in your handbag. I personally find the tooth oil and the hand cream very convenient when out and about.

The haircare range is minimalist with a beautiful shampoo formulated for all hair types including curly hair, and a 4 in 1 hair treatment balm which is absolutely delish. These haircare products respect the microbiome of your scalp yet clean the hair effectively with a detangling action for those with long hair.

I love the minimalist packaging without any unnecessary boxes. The shipping concept includes recyclable materials such as corn-starch derived noodles . So the products come wrapped in the actual ingredient and the label is made from recyclable paper.

Going a bit deeper, the formulations in the products use only top quality raw materials directly sourced from the original farm skipping the middle man distributor. Ringana does not pay for advertising and is not available in retail shops on your high street or shopping centre instead it uses the old-fashioned  word of mouth advertising. The most effective on earth.

The uniqueness : Our fresh cosmetics are dermatologically tested, suitable for sensitive skin and contain biological ingredients. It is made in fresh, small batches.

The effectiveness of the skincare range is amazing. I know personally people who for example have suffered from rosacea or scalp dryness and by using Ringana these issues have disappeared fully. The main action of Ringana skincare products is to balance the microbiome on the skin, bringing it back to its healthy natural glow, including the face skin, body skin and scalp. Conventional shampoos strip all of the natural oils and sebum from the scalp as they use harsh detergents. Needless to say Ringana does not use these common sulphate ingredients that are aggressive on the scalp especially the sensitive scalps.

And by the way for a limited time only we have a 10% discount on Sport gel to relax muscle tension with an amazing formula including the well-known Arnica and Ginger amongst other effective actives. Hydro-Serum   ideal for normal, combination skin , the perfect drink for your skin  , Cerebro Caps for brain nourishment and performance and Hydro Caps   to support the bladder and immune system.

Browse the wonderful RINGANA  skincare products  and get a 5 euro voucher gift when you register  Or if you would prefer me to recommend a product for your individual needs than please contact me on +353876400010 whatsapp or email me mayfertosatgmaildotcom  . Don’t forget to follow me in IG @waponaturalbeauty


La Mayca x

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