Suffering from a bad cold.

Suffering from a bad cold at the moment?

My natural remedies to treat a bad cold , flu and others written on 7th December 2017  in my Newsletter but this post has been so popular and helpful that I am publishing now here in my blog

Hoooola !! Today I am not talking about skincare for a change !!
How are you ? Do you have a terrible cold like me ? I have being sick since last Sunday  and yesterday morning managed to visit the National Art and Craft Fair in the RDS in Dublin, but was only a couple of hours when started to feel weak and meh 🙁 so here I am doing my best to recover , the fact that I am typing in my laptop is a good sign.
Just wanted to share my natural remedies to fight a cold in case it is of any help to you.

These are my best natural remedies I normally take :
Vitamin C – 1000 mg 3 times a day
Allicin capsules are the active ingredient of garlic. They work amaaaaazing !!! I can’t live without this especially during winter.
Make a homemade ginger herbal infusion :
Peel and chop a 2 inches of ginger and cook for 20 min
then add:
squeeze of half lemon
pinch of cayenne pepper
1 tsp Turmeric
Raw honey
Beautiful positive orange colour tea 🙂

Drink this tea  2-3 times a day , this drink is helping me a LOT LOT LOT to break up mucus and phlegm and fighting all the nasty symptoms.

Another amazing natural super nutritious supplement is fresh royal jelly, just 1 g a day makes wonder for energy and strength. Use to get it in Spain but in Ireland never saw fresh royal jelly.

Apart from this I make sure to diffuse lovely essential oils to help me breathing and clean the air i.e. eucalyptus,peppermint, lemongrass, tea tree.
Had a hot bath this morning with sea salt, seaweeds, eucalyptus, peppermint and tea tree , lavender essential oils.

I am not a doctor or herbalist by I have been lucky enough to grow up with herbal-orientated mummy  and natural remedies daddy and sucked all that wisdom !! My parents still alive in my lovely hometown Malaga (Spain) , sure when you are sick is the time I miss them the most I guess.

By the way I learnt from my father to rub just a drop of olive oil when your skin on the nose gets irritated and inflamed after so many sneezes and using hundreds of tissues. As simple as that !  and the healing and regenerating properties of olive oil work instantly . Try and see (feel)!

Hope these tips help you if you are having a bad cold.Get well soon ….I will definitely be great on Saturday to run my last workshop of the year.
After this  I will focus in my family and home but I will share with you my “end of the year home ritual” that I do to enter in the new year, just in case you want to do it as well.
Oh yes I forgot that I need to get lip balms, body wash, soaps etc ready for the homeless care pack…I will bring all this stuff to Holistic Nurture centre in Blanchardstown next week and the following week is Christmas….wow can’t believe it .

Take care x

Note: Just sharing tips that might be helpful  but you are the only one person responsible of what you take, drink or eat. Thank you for reading

Mayca Fernandez 
First school of artisan skincare products in Dublin – Ireland
Natural Dermocosmetic Lab Technician Diploma
Natural and Organic skincare educator
Former Manufacturing Manager at Yogandha oils
Food Science & Nutrition Diploma
Natural Lift facial massage therapist  
Live skincare making classes in Dublin
Online basic cosmetic making course


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