zero waste cosmetics.

Zero waste cosmetics is about NO WASTING in so many levels. Either if you buy a product or you make your own you can always have the chance and choice to follow the three RRR : Reuse, Reduce ,Recycle . But how do we do that when it comes to cosmetics and personal care products. I have written some easy simple tips here that you might have not thought about it just because we have been used to buy and ditch. Before reading my tips think for few minutes:

Where your waste bin go ?

Where all that waste in that bin go?

Is there anything in that bin that can be reused for any purpose?

Is there anything in that bin that will contaminate our environment?

How can I and my family reduce this non-sense waste? One of the biggest non-sense waste is packaging. And packaging in cosmetics is a BIG thing.

Do we really need a beautiful expensive packaging ? (don’t get me wrong I really appreciate and admire design and creativity) but does it have to be plastic ? can it not be made of something biodegradable ?

Too many questions  , aren’t they ? at the end of the day if we -us do not look after our planet which is our home , who will ?

My RRR  when you make your own cosmetics :

By reusing the jars and containers of your cosmetics you are massively reducing waste and getting AWAY from plastic. That’s the whole point.

Simplifying your routine in all different levels. You use less products , you store less products. You make a cream and when finished , put the jar in the dishwasher and reuse it again. As long as it is glass or aluminium tin. For the little bottles for serums you can reuse the bottle but not the pipette/dropper  , well you could but depends which type of cosmetic (not getting too technical now). You can definitely not wash the pipette as it will retain water and it will impossible to dry.

Reducing plastic use by using glass jars an d containers hence reducing waste in our environment

Reducing the exposure to unnecessary chemicals that don’t really work on our skin despite all commercial claims

Reducing the amount of products in your personal care, as i always says what does your skin really needs to be healthy and radiant? be clean and moisturized,  basically, that’s all really . It is about WHAT products you choose that right for you. Unless you have some specific targets on your skin you don’t need much more, keep it simple and natural.

I often recycle all type of glass jars from tomato sauce, honey, mayonaise , and use them to store skincare products, butters, any leftover of my batches so it doesn’t go to waste , of course not. Talking about zero waste, when you make your own product you use up to the last drop. Yessss it is so precious and rewarding being able to make wonderful personal products with consciousness, respect and integrity.

You reduce unnecessary plastic packaging as you will stop buying products with non-sense packaging that ends up in the bin and remember where will that go ? and if you do you will be more conscious about what you are buying.  Check if the product you are buying are ecofriendly all the way from the content to the packaging , going through manufacturing, ethic, it is essential to support the companies who making the effort in causing a good impact in our health and environment , and also while you are doing this you might check also if it is:


Natural ingredients

Organic certification even better


Essentially if the product ticks all the boxes that product will not only be great on your skin but in your mind , and for our planet.  Because doing the right thing feels good, and when you feel good you look good, prettier, healthier hence good vibrations all around .

You can achieve zero waste cosmetics it is just about changing habits . At the end of the day what it matters is the content of the product you are using and no how nice is the packaging .


La Mayca x





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