Natural skincare making classes.

Natural skincare making classes

Written by Jessica Thompson from Beautiful Health

Last Saturday 9th August had my promotional natural skincare with 4 lovely participants who found the natural skincare making subject quite intriguing and very interesting.

It was  3 hours long and we didn’t waste a minute I think. I taught them about few basic essential oils, the type of beauty products and some technicalities and we made 3 gorgeous natural beauty products such as a Orange-Geranium lip balm, Rejuvenating facial serum and a lovely Rose Hydrating facial toner. We didn’t use preservatives or any other man-made ingredients in any of these products . We only used raw and natural ingredients that are the ones to feed our skin. Oils in general have vitamins and fatty acids that are responsible of moisturizing and regenerate the skin naturally. Essential oils are powerful and high concentrated botanical extracts packed with endless and amazing benefits for your skin and your mind.

But I never thought that a simple technical word would bring so much fun into our workshop last Saturday. We had a good laugh about a word that apparently no one knew and I always struggle to pronounce “TARE” yes that word you always find on the weight scale . By the way this is the meaning I found in Wikipedia:

Tare weight /ˈtɛər/, sometimes called unladen weight, is the weight of an empty vehicle or container. By subtracting it from the gross weight (laden weight), the weight of the goods carried (the net weight) may be determined.


Well if you are going to start making your natural skincare products you need to get familiar with this word “TARE” as measurements of the ingredients need to be accurate and is essential to follow a recipe and get a good result.

Had a really  great time and I loved the experience of sharing my knowledge and passion with others and make them happy by making their own products to bring them home.

Looking forward to the next COMPLETE FACE SKINCARE COURSE which is nearly fully booked !

Hope to see you soon in my workshops.

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La Mayca x

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