It was great to see how women contribute to a great cause and dare to do a selfie without make-up on !.

Yesterday I did my nomakeupselfie (don’t normally wear much make-up though)  and it was a lovely thing to see many of my Facebook friends without make-up at all. I have always thought that they look much better without make-up or maybe just a little bit to enhance features. As you know I am defendant of natural beauty but I understand that you like some beautiful make-up on special occasions. Nothing wrong with that. But true that many women consider everyday as special occasion but I always say there is time and a place  to wear appropriate make-up.

I would like to take advantage of this charity event to encourage to wear no make-up every now and then . It is important to leave your skin to breathe and also to show your daughter that you can be beautiful without make-up. I think little girls are getting very anxious to wear make-up because they see it on their mothers and other women and take away their childhood moment in many ways.

Childhood is short and adulthood is forever ! and try to use natural make-up products and educating your daughter in this respect too will be very helpful as you giving her the opportunity to make the right choice. Our daughters (I have two) should be responsible women in the future and be able to look after themselves and respect the environment .

If we can make the effort to give €4 to a Charity for Cancer and take a nomakeupselfie we should be aware that most of conventional cosmetics and toiletries contain chemicals that are carcinogenic .

So wouldn’t be nice to start cutting back on these toxic products and use natural healthy ones instead ?

Btw girls ! the Irish Cancer Society has received €440.000 and counting …BIG WOW !


La Mayca x



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