I have known this fabulous brand for years now and I have tried , tested and am still loyal to the wonderful Rosehip oil as a precious beauty product that saved my skin years ago .

I am very excited now to stock TRILOGY now on my store and be able to offer these fantastic products to my customers who have trusted on my skincare advice for few years now. I love this range but I really LOVE as everyone else their certified Organic Rosehip oil.

I think it is a MUST beauty product not matter which brand or beauty regime you follow cheap or expensive. You have to feed your skin with a couple of drops of this extraordinary oil every day ideally morning and nights.

Many people already know about Rosehip oil benefits but I will repeat here again:

Rosehip Oil has exceptional regenerating properties to prevent and reduce skin aging, giving you back that natural youthful look.

Because of its healing, regenerating properties and it’s effect on skin pigmentation, Rosehip Oil is highly recommended as a treatment for wrinkles, sun damage, blotches, scars, burns, dark spots, acne scarring and stretch marks reducing them very effectively and also giving you an immediate youthful glow. Try it, you’ll love it!

The benefits of Rosehip Oil  are due to the high content of polyunsaturated fatty essential acids and a derivative of retinol (vitamin A) which stimulates regeneration of the epidermis in the skin.

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La Mayca x