Benecos make up workshops project.

I love to encourage women to use natural beauty products including make up as well. As many of you know conventional make-up products are full of toxic and nasty chemicals . I was the first one to introduce Benecos make-up products in Ireland and when you try it you love it as they are so gentle that even the most sensitive skin won’t give a bad reaction. The products are chic, affordable and modern !

I got inspired by my first make-up workshop last January where we had a professional make-up artist who taught 7 ladies how to do their own make-up using our certified natural Benecos brand we also had a professional photographer who suggested to do a before and after photoshoot. We had a great time at home and the seed was planted in my head. If I run a workshop every month with different photographer, make-up artist and blogger we could all spread the word and having fun at the same time.

Now that I am member of the #irishbizparty group on Facebook and Twitter and I am getting to know a lot interesting entrepreneurs and SME who need to promote their business and spread the word as much as possible just like myself. Also the idea of having a beauty blogger on board would be very exciting as she is the best one to write about what is happening on the day and we could all get promoted from the event.

So here it is our next benecos make-up workshop will be the Saturday 29th of March at David McCauley’s studio in Lucan (Dublin) and the make-up artist Karen Bowers from At Home Pampering  we don’t have a Beauty blogger arranged yet but I am sure we will find one soon !!

You can see more details and get your tickets for the workshop here 

Come on and join us you will have a great opportunity to learn and test our Benecos products !

See you there

La Mayca x


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