Beauty show in Dublin.

I decided to visit the Beauty Show in RDS in Dublin today Monday afternoon as I didn’t like the experience last year when I visited on a Sunday you couldn’t nearly walked around the place.

Honestly I didn’t see many wow beauty products maybe because I am more in the Organic and Natural beauty world I saw too much of fake tan, fake lashes and a loads loads of nail products …!!

I did enjoy talking to the very few stands (only 2) that offered genuinely organic beauty products and saw some attractive and colorful soaps that looked real cakes . The girl approached me and said they are Organic handmade soaps….I doubt it (i said to myself) and felt sad about people misuse of the “organic” word without being really organic . Totally dishonest !

I have met some nice and interesting people and bought foundation make-up brush, Manuka honey for €5 (real bargain) and got some samples of a popular brand that I might stock in my shop very soon ! Found some beautiful toxic -free nail polish that I am sure my customers would love ….so stick around I will be stocking a lot of new items during the year ladies .

It was lovely to have some me time today and when came out of the show the sun was still shinning and the feeling of the brightness at 5 pm was certainly uplifting as you feel that the day hasn’t finished yet as opposed 3pm in winter time.

Spring is here and don’t forget to wear you sunscreen .


La Mayca x


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