The best 3 natural products for acne.

Acne is basically and mainly caused by excess of sebum clogging the pores and subsequently the pore get infected resulting in unpleasant break-outs. Therefore there are 2 important targets to achieve here: Excess of sebum and killing  bacteria.

Please follow this routine and it is very important that you are consistent and patient . Twice daily ( morning and nights) 

1- Wash your face with   Naetura Organics tea trea shower gel/shampoo 

for moderate-severe type of acne  ( Natural anti-bacterial but gentle on the skin )  Wet your face with warm water first and then massage the product well but gently. Rinse with hot water. Pat dry with cotton soft towel .  If acne is not severe (many big and infected spots) use any 

Emma’s Natural Handmade  soap (sulphate-free)  will be enough to clean your skin without being aggressive to your skin . I personally love Moroccan Natural Organic Rasshoul body  bar which it is mild face exfoliator and leaves your skin ultra soft !  

2- Spray Organic Lavender floral water or MATARRANIA Organic Bulgarian Rose Toner 

and wait until the skin has completely absorbed it.

3- Apply Naetura Organic pure Aloe Vera gel

(essential product in acne treatment)  as a moisturizer/healer   especially in the nights    When aloe vera gel dries out it makes a thin peel off transparent layer but don’t worry put PLENTY of it and allow your skin swallows all the goodness of this miracle plant. This is fine and good because it will protect the skin from bacterias, dirt, pollution. But try not putting too much especially in the mornings for aesthetic reasons. Read my acne experience here !

For mild acne cases we recommend Bia Beauty skin superfood specific formula to repair the skin.

As complementary product use once a week the amazing Moroccan Natural Rhassoul clay face mask . Excellent to deep clean the pores on your skin .

Please try not touching your skin with your hands, touching pimples, (I know is difficult), touch your skin with dirty clothes, dirty hair, wearing fringe .

Drink plenty of water and eat as healthiest you can. Plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts, oily fish. Avoid ready meals, processed foods, dairy products. Drink plenty of herbal teas .

I hope that you see improvement on your skin soon and with time and dedication you can reduce the infection naturally until you have none while not using chemicals/synthetic. This is the target.


Please don’t use ANY other cosmetics products while you are using organic products and also avoid wearing creamy foundation in fact it would be ideal if you don’t wear any make-up but I know it is difficult to do. If you need to wear some make-up use  only “Natural loose powder”  and not much of it as this will dirt your pores. You can find Organic/Natural make-up products on our site  Benecos Natural Make-up   But honestly if you suffer from acne the less you put on your skin the better. Just use make-up in special occasions. Let your skin breaths.

Once you completely get rid of acne I strongly recommend Organic Rosehip oil to diminish any scars/marks/blemishes on your face caused by pimples and breakouts. Only 1 drop 3 times a day works wonders.


One last tip:  Be patient as Nature works on its own rhythm.


I hope all this information helps you to achieve a healthier and beautiful skin.


La Mayca x



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