Only 2 steps to treat eczema naturally.

Only 2 steps to treat eczema naturally

Customers and Facebook fans ask me often what cream or lotion can they use for their children or themselves  who suffer eczema. I always answer saying : “let’s start from the beginning ”


The first product in contact with your skin is soap, shower gel or shampoo. This is an essential basic product that everyone use every single day (well  I amuse ) and unless is genuinely organic or 100% natural the rest of these products found in chemistries, drugstores and supermarkets contains the SLS (sodium laureth sulphate) as first ingredients plus many other aggressive ingredients that cause irritation on your skin especially if you suffer eczema or any other skin condition. One of the products that I normally recommend as pure genuine natural soap is Emma’s soaps unscented Avocado oil  for eczema and extra sensitive skin.  Suitable for babies , children, adults …EVERYONE as it is only made from plants oils.


After having this step sorted let’s talk about moisturizing your skin after your shower or bath or anytime your skin need extra care. Talking about bath have a look one of my most popular blog about a my fight treating my daughter’s eczema in the 1990’s Oat milkshake bath  . Another choice for a effective bath is Simply Seaweed will provide to your skin all the goodness from Irish sea.

My best recommended organic natural products are : (unscented)

Naetura Organics Aloe Vera gel unscented

is the eczema is very severe, red, scaly and infectious.

Bia Beauty Skin superfood unscented

is 100% natural and Irish handmade brand which it is a lovely moisturizer healer lotion . Unscented

Bio + Organic sweet almond oil unscented

is a fantastic overall moisturiser suitable for everyone including babies and it smells real almonds.

Naetura Organics pure African shea butter unscented

extraordinary intensive care treatment for dry/very dry skin .

MATARRANIA Organic St.John’s Wart healing balm 

is an excellent unscented ancient Spanish formula that soothes skin conditions . Unscented

Keep it simple, keep it basic. It is not about using many products it is about using the right product. Try one of the products above at a time to see which one works best for you. 1 product for washing and 1 product to moisturize.

Apart from skincare side to treat eczema. Watch your diet, drink plenty of water and stay away from cleaning products, acrylic clothing and try use natural cotton fabrics instead. Get a allergy test done to find out possible allergens. Another big influence factor is STRESS. Stress can be detrimental for your skin and for your overall health.


La Mayca x




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