The top 4 natural skin brighteners.

The top 4 natural skin brighteners

Hyperpigmentation is a very annoying skin condition that adds you at least 10 years .

Skin brighteners have been always my priority product since I have pale and freckles but have to say used to love to get tanned all year around when I used to live in my hometown Malaga -Spain-.I confess that not always I have put sunscreen ….i know i know mad but i was a teenager in the 80’s so what do you expect? As I was getting older I got myself educated and I would put SPF50 but you know what? the damage was done. Remember that a doctor told me a long time ago that the cells have memory and if you damage a cell ….it lasts 20 years ! wow…and correct. I was 39 when I had my third child and few months later after she was born I saw a horrible nasty dark post on my right cheek . Here is when I got panicked and try to solve it…too late girls! The only we can do now is brightening and slow melanin production as much as we can but it will never go away 100% and sorry for the bad news 🙁

Here are my best recommendations and my latest discovery in natural brightening products that also help to repair scars.

Number 1 A must-have

Organic Argan oil – Moroccan Natural-  It is a serum that you use after cleaning and toning your face and BEFORE applying moisturiser. Just a couple of drops morning and night. This is superfood for your skin and very high content in Vitamin E. If you have combination/oily /acne skin I suggest to use Naetura Organic Aloe Vera gel (oils-free) which will brighten, heal and moisturize your skin but only use in the night or daytime when you are not using make-up .

Number 2 .  My last discovery

Pearl powder- Moroccan Natural-  Face mask once a week made with yogurt or milk. I prefer yogurt as it contains lactic acid which is natural brightening agent and NO chemicals…pure natural and cheap and cheerful ! Pearl Powder is an ancient beauty product from China.

Number 3 

 MATARRANIA Organic Olive Scrub- Once a week for sensitive skin and twice a week for normal skin. I know it is a bit messy but it is an EXCELLENT exfoliator product made from olive’s ground stones. I suggest you exfoliate your skin and then apply Pearl Powder face mask mentioned above.

Number 4

Last but not least and ESSENTIAL to prevent the appearance of more dark spots ( we don’t want that all) but we don’t want the existent ones to get darker either …do we?

Eco-cosmetics sunscreen you can find them with different SPF and they can be used as moisturizers as they contain good natural ingredients such as olive oil, shea butter, sea buckthorn oil, etc

Hope this info is helpful for your ladies and watch out brightener products made from aggressive acids in pharmacies and drugstores they can be good in the short term but worse in the long term.

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