Google + challenge.

Google+ challenge of the day !

This morning started beautiful and bright. Blue sky with a lovely yellow shinning sun. Not bad after being weeks and weeks with a grey sky over your head here in Dublin.  Got dull in the afternoon though 🙁

Todays challenges includes learning more about Google+ and how to get our site more visible  is like learning Japanese language. Seriously I don’t know where to start. This seems to be never ending story . When you think you have learned everything or nearly everything you discover that there is still so much to do. Overwhelming ? Yes, but one thing at a time.

Facebook already takes a few good hours of my life so I am trying to be more productive with less hours sitting down on my desk. I want to live more and enjoy life more…this is so time consuming.

Every SEO marketing expert tells me something different and have varied criteria. Who should I trust ? who is right? how much money and time this worths ? Decisions, decisions …

By the way our google+ business page is . Please get us in your circles !


La Mayca x


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