Organic Argan oil -Moroccan Natural-.

Organic Argan oil

If you haven’t tried Argan oil on your skin and/or your hair  yet you are missing out a must-have powerful beauty  superfood product.

Argan oil arrived to Ireland a couple of years ago as ingredient in a popular shampoo but what they didn’t know and there are people still who gets surprised when I tell them that you can use Argan oil on your skin. Actually the Bereber community in Morocco have used this oil for cooking and moisturise their skin for centuries. It would be the equivalent to the Olive oil in Spain.

Argan oil is very high in Vitamin E which is a antioxidant that protect the cells from free radicals this is why this exceptional oil delay signs of age….I said DELAY ! It doesn’t remove wrinkles BUT diminishes them noticeably and your skin improves BIG time when you start using it.

Just a couple of drops in the morning and night will do good to your skin. In fact you can forget to apply face moisturizer if you have already applied the wonderful Argan oil.

Also one drop goes a long way on your wet hair after washing and towel dry.

I mean it is a 2 in 1 product….and yes the original smell of pure not refined Argan oil is a bit odd but it evaporates in seconds. Think about its fantastic benefits and not the smell.

Come on …get it now  Organic Argan oil ...what are you waiting for ?


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