Organizing goody bags for Xmas workshop.

Making skincare- Special Christmas workshop 

Sorry for talking about Christmas so early. I totally agree you don’t want  to hear C word until end of November but as this workshop is happening in only 3 weeks I have no choice. And when you have your own business you need to plan C long in advanced otherwise you get behind .

This week I have been getting some businesses on board to get nice things for you in the goody bags that I am organizing . And not just anything but natural skincare samples, eco products, handmade jewellery, vouchers  all from lovely Irish businesses that I love and sure you will love as well.

These companies are all run by women mothers hard workers that inspire me a lot and I admire their work so much . Some of them has from 1 child to 4 children. I have myself 3 and struggle a lot to balance my professional and personal life and eventhough 2 of my children are young adults they are still your children at the end of the day. Like I heard while ago on a radio programe David Coleman was saying : “when you have small  children you are physically stressed when you have teenagers you are mentally stressed ” So am I stressed in both ways ? Never heard such as big true as this one.

Being a mother and running a business is not a easy job at all. Our lives run against the clock and there is always a long to do list in your mind also making sure that your motivation levels are high enough to overcome frustration, anger and disappointment as giving up come to your mind more often that you want .  On the good side you get to do what you are passionate about you get very excited and high when you achieve even the smallest thing is so rewarding.The smallest sale gives you the biggest smile and lovely testimonial from a customer make your day .  

Definitely support Irish businesses especially the small ones and the startups . Here are the list of the wonderful businesses that are supporting WapoBeauty on the exclusive event where all the attendants will spend an unforgettable day making their own natural beauty products to indulge themselves of give them as gift on Christmas . So far so good !

Here is my THANK YOU to all the businesses and please  don’t forget to give them a BIG like on their Facebook pages listed underneath the video

Bia Beauty 


Coze di Roze


Emma soy candles

Mungo seaweed

Nora Karen

Bomar Aromatherapy

David McAuley photographer

Traditional Chinese therapies 

Ciara Ryan Nutrition 

 Custom cakes 

If you want to get this wonderful goody bag after a great day making your own beauty products and enjoying a unique experience book your place here now

Carpe diem

La Mayca x




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