How to make Body Butter.

Incredible that only 3 simple natural ingredients can make such a great effective skincare product that will deeply moisturize your skin in the hard winter days . As you know your skin greats very dry and sometimes even cracked after the indoor heating effects . This is the reason why you need thicker and richer creamier textures in winter season as a light lotion won’t keep your skin moisturized for long .

However some people don’t like thick and creamy textures as it takes long to get absorbed . Trick is that you need to work the product on your skin for a couple of minutes thats all really. Massage it all over with two hands and the product will sink it nicely.

What is the point of applying a quick absorption product if doesn’t really do the job.

Butters and oils is what your skin need in the winter. My fav are the exceptional shea butter and cocoa butter, mango butter is nice too. If you want a quick absorption body oil go for Jojoba and Hazelnut .

This body butter in the picture contain only three ingredients. 1 butter 1 vegetable oil and essential oil. Following the proper method is essential in order to  get a good result.

There 2 ways of making this body butter ( cold and hot method) I did the cold because is quicker.


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Making body butter
Finished product

Watch here

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