Top Organic and natural beauty products.

Top Organic and natural beauty products

1.-Dull  skin days ?

WAPO exfoliante_oliva_aplicador_algodon_matarrania_recortada-280x152

Coming to the winter our skin starts to loose that lovely glowing summer tan and healthy colour. Skin becomes paler, dull and drier as days getting darker. Before getting in the shower in the morning apply some lovely face exfoliating product on dry skin preferably natural or fully organic even better. Make sure that contains some essential oils like Orange, Bergamot, Neroli,  Eucaliptus , Mint…why? Because they are reviving, fresh , uplifting and Eucaliptus in particular provides a oxygen injection on your skin so much required when your skin is dull.  But…enjoy the moment by consciously massaging the product all over your face  ( be careful not to get to close to your eyes) . Yeah a little bit of pampering ritual in the morning is so good to start the day. My fav is MATARRANIA Organic Olive scrub  contains Eucaliptus and Mint that literally wakes you and  your skin up and make it radiant in no time. Rinse in the shower and your skin will be squeaky clean but very moisturised too. Price €32


2-Your daily moisturiser is not enough ? your skin still dry ?


A couple of drops of my hero product Certified Organic Trilogy Rosehip oil my best friend in the last 7 years since I had the accident and burnt my face while cooking. Price €22




3- Are you looking for a moisturiser with SPF but without thick white pasty texture like SPF cream?

Trilogy Vital-Moisterising-SPF15 

Trilogy  Vital Moisturising Cream SPF15 is a great moisturizer with a fluid-like texture quick absorption  that gives your skin a nice sheer finish and protects from the sun and you know what …? It contains the extraordinary anti-aging Rosehip oil amongst many other excellent oils. Price €33



4- Acne , occasional breakouts, combination, oily skin, Rosacea ?

Naetura aloe-vera-gel-500ml-89x150 

Naetura Organics Aloe Vera is the only Organic aloe vera in Europe that has all the answers for all the skin conditions above. Healing, moisturising, calming, refreshing and superfood for your skin. Use it as many times you need. Ideal family product to heal cuts, burns, bites , etc. Price €28




5.- Dark circles and eye bags when you get up in the morning ?

Bia Beauty Stop the Clock natural-eye-gel

Drink a big glass of water before going to bed and apply the fantastic STOP THE CLOCK gel from Bia Beauty. Ingredients formula is a winner to reduce dark circles and bags and you just need a tiny bit amount. Smells divine too ! price €16



6.- Uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, age spots, brown spots ?

Moroccan-Natural-Pearl-Powder-135x110Try ancient Cleopatra’s beauty secret. Pearl Powder from Moroccan Natural . 100 % natural micronized pearl powder, it is actually a real pearl that has been crushed and put it in a little jar. You need to mix a little tiny spoon (included in the product) with water or yogurt or milk. It will brighten your skin up ,as it exfoliates and polish leaving your skin extra super soft and very clear as china porcelain. Price €20


7- Very sensitive skin, react to conventional creams, redness, allergies ?


MATARRANIA Organic face moisturiser for sensitive skin (fragrance-free) 100% made from organic excellent ingredients. Water free product and highly concentrate = highly effective. Extra gentle on the most sensitive skin. Price €20

8.- Fake tan but natural looking and smells lovely?

Eco Cosmetics SELF-TANNING-75ml-74x150Eco-cosmetics  Organic  Self tanner is suitable for every skin type for face and body with the unique anti-aging pomegranate oil and the super antioxidants goji berries will give you that natural glowing tan without streaks marks  . Price €15


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