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As you know I like to try every product that I stock in my shop . I was sent few samples from Moroccan Natural and I have to say I love every single product that I have tried in the range so far. The last one I tried was the Pearl Powder and I was intrigued what difference I would notice and feel after using it on my face.

Wow ! that is the word that can describe my feedback on this ancient Chinese beauty ritual. My skin is pale with freckles and blue eyes ( not typical Spanish but there you go ) also after being living 40 years in South of Spain with this type of skin and my ignorance in my younger age I suffer from sun damage, hyper pigmentation including an accident few years ago when I burnt my face while cooking and a horrible acne at my 30’s!! No I don’t have the best skin but this is the reason why I switched off to Organic and my skin has improved so much since then.

I made a light paste with pearl powder and cow milk. I put all over my face and let it dry (10-15 m approx). Got very dry and tight I washed my face with a nice cotton soft cloth….and voila ! My skin was as clear and ultra soft as a porcelain.

Will try to do this once or twice a week. Actually I could find a real little pearl inside the jar this was cute.

Now I understand why this product was used by Cleopatra.

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La Mayca x


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