Rhassoul clay review -Moroccan Natural –.

Rhassoul clay is like literally putting earth on your skin. If feels and it is so Organic and pure that it is difficult to find a beauty product more natural than this.

I know that some people  might think that putting mud on your face is messy and yuky but it is about to open your mind and allow your senses to enjoy Nature .

Think how many powerful minerals is your skin absorbing while you are relaxing in a calm and cozy place in your bedroom or in your bath even. It is deep cleanser and good food for your skin. Highly recommended for skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, acne, etc…

Actually you can wash your hair with this clay ….what? Yes you can and it will clean and conditioner your hair with absolutely NO chemicals whatsoever . Suitable even for babies and in the case you have irritated/sensitive/psoriasis scalp I would recommend making a hair scalp mask with this clay and leaving on for 15 min .

Amazing stuff and by the way this is not a NEW product this is ancient and traditionally used in Morocco for centuries. Again Nature wisdom keep surprising me !

You can find Rhassoul clay in our store and you can buy single sachets for only €6 including delivery in Ireland or pack of 5 sachets for €16.50 including delivery in Ireland ! What are you waiting for ?

Try it and let me know how you get on !

La Mayca x


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