Traditional Soapmaking eBook


Suitable for beginners, this eBook is a great place to start for any person interested in creating their own soap. The book includes soap formulas and methods on traditional cold process soap bar making with two bonus sections on how to extract oil from laurel berries/fruits to make Aleppo soap, as well as recipes and instructions on how to make “melt and pour” soap.

In this book, you will learn how to make cold process soap from scratch in an unlimited variety of ways with various textures, colours, and aromas for all types of skin. The cold process method is the oldest and most basic way to make soaps from scratch. Using natural plant oils, the cold process method is used in Spain with Castille soap, in France with Marseille soap, and Syria with Aleppo soap. This process will also allow you to include many other natural ingredients to create an array of beautiful soaps in different colours, shapes, and textures for you, your family, and friends. The sky is the limit when it comes to soapmaking!

This self-study eBook includes the same notes and recipes used in WapoBeauty‘s live soapmaking classes in Dublin. As these live workshops only run a few times a year, you will be provided with theory, recipes and methods for you to make soap safely at home on your own.

This eBook includes the following soap recipes:

  • Basic Olive Oil Soap
  • Aleppo Soap
  • Coconut, Grapeseed, and Castor Oil Soap
  • Coconut, Peanut, and Sesame Oil Soap
  • Simple Coconut Soap
  • Shea Butter and Olive Oil Soap
  • Mango and Coconut Soap
  • Lemongrass and Lemon Verbena Soap
  • Shea, Coconut, and Castor Oil Soap
  • Coconut Milk, Pumpkin, and Honey Soap
  • Cleaning/Laundry Soap (made with used oils)

In this eBook, you will learn soap making theory on the following:

  • The cold process soapmaking method and strict safety guidelines
  • Plant oil benefits and what skin type they best suit
  • Natural butter benefits for every type of skin
  • Essential oil benefits for every type of skin and different aroma combinations for scented soaps
  • Dried ingredients you can add to decorate your soap, giving them different textures and exfoliating properties
  • A saponification calculator to help you in formulating any type of soap in the future while using a variety of oils, butters, and many other ingredients
  • The best suppliers to get the right tools and ingredients to make any kind of soap

As a bonus, you will find notes and recipes for the melt and pour soapmaking method. This method is not only easier, but safer and is a great way to enjoy soapmaking with children.

In this section, you’ll find images and notes from a recipe that I made with my little daughter, as well as a practical YouTube video.


Important Notice: Cold Process Soapmaking is strictly for adults only. Pregnant women should not make Cold Process Soaps as it involves serious chemistry. You must read the safety guidelines provided before you attempt to make your own soap. Please do not allow children or pets in the room when you are making Cold Process Soap.


Learn from the expert.

  • Founder of Wapo Beauty School, the 1st natural skincare school in Ireland
  • 12 years experience in natural skincare industry
  • 6 years empowering students to make natural skincare 
  • Certificate in Advanced Cosmetic Science
  • Diploma in Food Science and Nutrition
  • Former Manufacturer Manager in Yogandha oils, Dublin.

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