Pumpkin seed oil skin benefits.

Pumpkin seed oil skin benefits

For the season is in let’s talk about pumpkin seed oil skin benefits which I bet a lot of people are not aware that pumpkin seed oil is actually a fantastic high performance beauty oil. It is always one ingredient in my personal face serums .

INCI name is Cucurbita maxima  just in case you come across this weird name (it is just people happen not to know Latin language )  in the ingredient list of a cosmetic product.

You might think this oil is not popular but you will have it in your mind from now on  after reading the post today.

Pumpkin seed oil skin benefits

  • Pumpkin seed oil has a excellent lifting effect on your skin. It is best suitable for dry, mature and damaged skin (thats why is in my serum , it ticks all the boxes for me after living under the sun for 40 years)
  • It is high in vitamins A, betacarotene , B2, B3, potassium, magnesium and zinc. Zinc is the responsible of its lifting effects. It is common in cosmetic formulations products for body for its lifting effect on belly, buttocks and legs.
  • Also high in omega 9, 6 and 3
  • It has very strong smell and it is quite dark therefore it will tint your product naturally and its natural aroma is difficult to mask with essential oils.
  • It combines very well with Mullein oil  which is a wrinkles-fighter and great regenerating oil with good levels of elastin. So there you go you have already two amazing oils to include in your face or body products.
  • I recommend no more than 10% of each of these oils (Pumpkin and Mullein) on face products and up to 20% for body products .

NB : Pregnant and lactating women should not use pumpkin seed oil or its products 

 Saponification value 0.133 g 

It will make a good conditioning soap but not bubbly or little creamy , so combine with other oils for more lathering.

Happy Halloween !

La Mayca x

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