Melt and pour soapmaking for Halloween.

Melt and pour soapmaking for Halloween

Totally unexpected this morning my 10 y/o Sofia told me she wanted to soapmaking  and get filmed as her first video tutorial to show children and adults of course!! how to make easy fun soaps for Halloween. Melt and pour soapmaking is ideal for children.

I have a terrible cold and yesterday I run a soapmaking workshop and Sofia was my little helper as I could not find a childminder I think she got the idea of video tutorial from my class and obviously she is a YouTube era child …so here she is explaining step by step how to make cute lovely soaps

Watch and give her a thumb up and subscribe to our channel if you fancy ….and please SHARE SHARE SHARE the video everywhere . Video includes recipe too!

Hope you like it


250 grms crystal clear soap base

4 drops of orange colouring

14 drops of sweet orange essential oil

surgical spirit spray

golden glitter

You can get all ingredients above from  

This soapmaking method is easy and fun but often these ready made base soaps are not fully natural , make sure you read list of ingredients before you buy them. The less ingredients the better. I much prefer traditional cold process soap but you need to use a hazardous ingredient -sodium hidroxide- which is not recommended for children use.

But this soapmaking practice allow children to use their creativity and making something functional at the same time.

Soapmaking is a great skill you can teach your children to encourage not buying toxic soaps from the stores.

I am running a FREE taster class on this soapmaking practice for children from 8 years old accompanied by an adult on Friday the 3rd of November 2017 from 11 am -1 pm . I have already 6 children coming with their mums. If you want to register please send me an email to or give me a call 0876400010 . Places are limited. Location: Dublin 15


La Mayca x

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