35 Best natural ingredients to treat eczema and other dry skin conditions.

35 Best natural ingredients to treat eczema and other dry skin conditions

like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, cracked , inflammation,  redness, rashes, itchiness

I have been asked about what best ingredients to make a good natural effective skincare product to treat eczema. My battle with eczema started 23 years when my eldest daughter was born, few years ago I wrote a blogpost about my discovery that improved my daughter’s eczema a lot using oats in the bath, if you missed that post you can read it here

Today that I have the knowledge of making my own products and teaching others how to make wonderful skincare products I have put together the main natural ingredients to treat eczema naturally in separate categories for you either make a product with the ingredients below or  to look out these ingredients on the label when you are buying a suitable product in the stores.

PLANT OILS (base of your formula/product)

Infused Carrot oil (if you want to make your own infused carrot oil read my blogpost here )

Chamomile infused oil

Calendula infused oil

Poppy seed oil

Hempseed oil

Avocado oil

Baobab oil

Coconut oil

Arnica oil

Sweet almond oil

Borage seed oil

Camelina oil


Shea butter

Mango butter

Kukum butter

HERBS (extracts, waters/hydrolats, infusions)

Marshmallow root

St John’s wort

Viola tricolor



Aloe Vera







Others (dry ingredient)

Oat flour

Vitamins (active ingredients)

Vitamin E and vitamin A palmitate

Salycilic acid

Essential oils (oil soluble botanical extracts)

German Chamomile

Lavender from Kotanical.ie


White Birch

Bergamot from Kotanical.ie

Frankincense from kotanical.ie


Roman Chamomile



To use some of the wonderful ingredients from the list I would recommend you start doing something very basic like a simple balm/ointment, so here is the recipe (if you can afford organic cold pressed ingredients would be even better )

Body Superbalm 

10 g beeswax(if you are vegan you can replace for olive wax, jojoba wax,  almond wax, hemp wax )

30 g shea butter (amazing key ingredient for dry skin)

20 g sweet almond oil (popular oil for dry , sensitive skin )

20 g avocado oil (great for dry and sensitive skin, packed with antioxidants vitamins A , D ,E )

10 g carrot oil (reduces itchiness on dry skin)

5 g vitamin E (tocopherol)

4 drops Lavender

6 drops Bergamot

10 Roman chamomile

I am using only 1% of essential oils in this recipe but you can increase the percentage if you like to  but just be cautious when using essential oils. Feel free to adapt the same recipe to use other ingredients from the list and see what it works better, always respect solubility and percentages . Always do 24hrs patch test


Melt all ingredients (except vitamin E and essential oils) in a bain marie until the mixture becomes completely liquid.

Take off the heat

Wait until it cools down – ideally 40 degrees

Then add vitamin E and essential oils

Stir it up

Pour it in a glass or aluminium tin and leave to set . Do not use plastic containers

When it is room temperature put the lid on .

and voila ready to use!!

Note: All my skincare recipes/formulas are made and shared in the good faith for information and educational purposes only to encourage people to you use natural sustainable products. They are  based on my natural skincare knowledge, training and experience of 9 years . These recipes/formula are not prescriptions nor tend to replace any medication/products no claim as to their effectiveness.  The reader takes total responsibility in making and using them . 

Let me know how you are getting on with this recipe and comment below what do you use to treat your dry skin ,  would love to hear from you !! and does it work ? I might organize a skincare workshop to create skincare products specifically for eczema . Let me know if you would be interested.


Thanks for reading !

See my online  natural skincare workshop here

My live skincare workshops in Dublin here 

La Mayca x








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