10 best food to boost collagen in your skin.

10 best food to boost collagen in your skin

It is all come down to collagen isn’t it ? The biggest responsible protein to keep us beautiful and young .

Collagen plays an essential role in the structure of the skin, is the responsible to make the skin firm, supple hence no wrinkles. Vitamin C is vital to renew collagen and to give elasticity to your skin therefore vegetables and fruits high in Vitamin C is what you are looking for here.

Kiwis provide a good amount of Vitamin C which is essential to produce collagen .

Spinach contributes to collagen formation due to its content in folic acid. Deficiency of folic acid cause premature aging of the skin. On the other note spinach are a low calorie food …so there you go, you killing two birds in one shot !

Cucumber skin is abundant in silica , a mineral that is crucial for healthy strong hair, nails and skin.You might have seen silica supplements in health stores for this purpose. If you like eating cucumbers leave the skin on because it is actually in the skin where this mineral silica is found.

Rucula (green leaves) is high in sulfur which supports collagen production.

Avocado a fruit that is GOOD FOR EVERYTHING  that is why it is called superfood , very complete food high in essential fatty acids ( EFA)  . Omega-6  and omega-3  essential fatty acids are crucial to skin function and appearance. … As a result EFA  can modulate the inflammatory response in both dermal and epidermal layers of the skin.

Kale high in vitamins A and collagen-producing vitamin C.

Peppers are high in vitamin C , it can be green, sweet red and yellow pepper

Papaya mmmm exotic fruit …!! Not only good for digestion and high in fibre (my favorite fruit in breakfast when I am in Canary Islands ) it is very high in vitamin C

Guava another exotic fruit from Mexico high in Vitamin C and folate and many other health benefits.

Broccoli you wouldn’t think this veggie is high in Vitamin C well yes it is , and also very well-known for its anti-cancer properties.

In conclusion all green vegetables contains beta-carotene in different quantities. Beta-carotene is converted in the body in Vitamin A which is decisive for a good healthy skin. Deficiency of vitamin A can cause a number of skin conditions. If you are wondering why your skin is very dry not matter what creams you are using maybe you should include more green vegetables in your diet.

All food above are great for your skin that at the same time boost your immune system, exactly what we need in winter months . Eating veggies and fruits is always multi-beneficial !

Did you know you can make a fresh face mask by mashing avocado and apply on your skin to nourish and soften your skin ?

Enjoy the greens !!

Thanks for reading

La Mayca x

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