How to treat acne naturally

I have suffered from acne in my early 30’s , couldn’t believe why and how this happened to me, it came completely out of nowhere, having a normal skin all my life even in my adolescence never had one breakout.  So why at my 30’s ?

After buying and trying so many products from the stores, pharmacy, prescription from my dermatologist, beauty salon treatments everything …my good friend Roberto from Naetura Organics in Spain , gave me a big bottle of Organic Aloe Vera gel to try , I remember myself thinking :….mmm in which way aloe vera gel is going to be beneficial to this horrible acne…? and it surprisingly did help . And a lot ! In fact it got rid of my acne after few weeks of use.

After working 9 years with natural organic skincare these are my best recommendations  on natural products you can use to treat your acne , if you don’t make your products yet , make sure you search for the following ingredients on the label of products you purchase. Stick with natural and organic skincare as much as possible and keep away from synthetic, harsh products than can irritate your skin….and be patient !! Natures works at its own rhythm.


Acne is basically and mainly cause by excess of sebum clogging the pores , subsequently the pore get infected resulting in unpleasant break-outs. Therefore there are 2 important problems to  tackle here: Excess of sebum and killing  bacteria.

Please follow this routine and it is very important that you are consistent and patient .

Twice daily ( morning and night)

 1- Wash your face with a natural (make sure it is a genuine natural product) face wash/micellar water or cold process handmade soap that contains lavender and/or tea tree oil /thyme oil for moderate-severe type of acne  ( Natural anti-bacterial face wash or cold process handmade natural soap gentle on the skin )  Wet your face with warm water first and then massage the product well but gently. Rinse with lukewarm water. Pat dry with cotton soft towel .  Make sure that the face wash or soap you are using doesn’t contain SLS (Sodium Laureth sulphate)or other aggressive detergents.

2– Spray Organic Lavender floral water or Rosewater or Thyme water (hydrolat)  and wait until the skin has completely absorbed it.

3– Apply Organic  Aloe Vera gel  (essential product in acne treatment)  as a moisturizer/healer / repairer/sebum balancer especially in the nights but you can use in the day time too.  When aloe vera gel dries out it makes a thin peel off transparent layer . This is fine and good because it will protect the skin from environmental damage.  Put plenty after cleaning your skin in the night. Actually you can put aloe vera gel as many times you like during the day.

You can apply a natural handmade moisturizer that contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredients such as : comfrey extract, salycilic acid, Pantsy , Malva flowers extract, calendula extract. Hyaluronic acid gel is a super hyper hydrating ingredient that is normally found in water based serum which are the best option to moisturize oily/acne skin with the plus that stimulates collagen….so suuuuuuper anti-aging too. You can’t ask for more .

Best essential oils to treat acne are:











Ho wood







May Chang








Tea tree











Put one drop of neat tea tree o lavender essential oil in a cotton bud  apply directly on the skin, specifically on the breakouts twice a day. Be careful not to apply too close to your eyes area.

Avoid oil based products, it is better to use water based products and emulsions/lotions that only contain light “dry” oils i.e. jojoba oil, thistle oil, hemp oil, evening primrose oil, kiwi seed oil, walnut oil , Camelina oil (not suitable for sensitive skin )

Once a week apply a purifying detox face mask that contains clay  i.e. Rhassoul clay, Bentonite, Fullers Earth , AHA (fruit acids), papaya extract. This will deeply clean your skin and helps to remove blackheads.

Please try not touching your skin with your hands, touching pimples, (I know is difficult), touch your skin with dirty clothes, dirty hair, wearing fringe is not recommended.

In addition to this topical treatment try to drink plenty of water and eat as healthiest you can. Plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts, oily fish. If you don’t like eating oily fish , get a good supplement of Omega 3 i.e. Evening primrose oil capsules, or fish oil capsules.  Avoid ready meals, processed foods, deep fried food and  dairy products and sugar (as much as you can). Drink plenty of herbal teas . Do exercise regularly.

I hope that you see improvement on your skin soon and with time and dedication you can reduce the infection naturally until you have none while not using chemicals/synthetic. This is the target.



Finally  do not use ANY other conventional cosmetics products while you are using organic products otherwise you will not know what is working and what is not . Avoid wearing creamy and liquid foundation. If you need to wear some make-up use  only “Natural mineral  powder”  and not much of it as this will dirt your pores. Choose a natural and organic make-up brand that will be more skin friendly than the conventional ones. But honestly if you suffer from acne the less make up you put on your skin the better. Try only use make-up in special occasions and let your skin breaths as much as possible.

When you acne disappears  (believe me it will eventually ) use neat Organic Rosehip oil , 2 drops 3 times a day to diminish possible scars and marks.

Note: All my skincare recipes/formulas/ advice are made and shared in the good faith for information and educational purposes only to encourage people to you use natural sustainable products. They are  based on my natural skincare knowledge and 9 years of experience  . These recipes/formula are not prescriptions nor tend to replace any medication/products no claim as to their effectiveness.  The reader takes total responsibility in making and using them . Always 24 hrs patch test any new product or ingredient particularly essential oils and follow guidelines and percentages. Always read restriction of use if you are pregnant, or breastfeeding when using ANY natural ingredients particularly active ingredients i.e plant extracts or others. 

Please feel free to comment below if you suffer from acne, tell us what are you using at the moment. Is it working ? or do you have any questions about this post ? anything to add ?

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Thanks a lot for reading

La Mayca x