Recycle MATARRANIA Organic skincare jars.

Darkness is coming and I have come up with the idea that you can recycle MATARRANIA Organic skincare empty glass jars and used them as tealight holders. It looks colorful and cute and especially the red jar is very Christmasy too . The Organic firming neckline decollete cream is the best size to hold  a tealight .

You don’t only save money in buying candle holders but I think it is nice feeling of doing the right thing for our precious planet everytime we recycle, reuse and therefore reducing waste.

I have also discovered these beautiful little jars are dishwasher friendly which comes very handy as their inside is very oily once the product is finish.

I suppose there are many other ways to recycle and reuse these MATARRANIA Organic Skincare colorful jars as containers for paper clips, beads, buttoms and so many little annoying tiny bits and pieces that you never know where to put them …

If you discover something else to do with these beautiful containers please share with us….by the way thinking now what can I do with the little cute MATARRANIA Organic  lip balm  jars?

Carpe diem!

La Mayca



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