After stocking MATARRANIA  Organic skincare products for a year in our Wapo shop ! and being named Official Distributor of MATARRANIA in Ireland and UK now we wanted and must meet Evelyn Celma the creator of these unique wonderful organic skincare products in Spain.

We flew to Spain last week just for a couple of days to have a meeting about how to approach Irish and English market the best way .

When you meet Evelyn and the little village where she lives in and her cute office/laboratory where she works from it is exactly what you expect from an organic skincare brand as Evelyn’s way of life and way of work is the most natural way it can be.

The brand MATARRANIA has been trading for 7 years and it is a leader in Spain . Now we Wapo have embraced the adventure of bringing MATARRANIA to Ireland and UK.

We are sure that people in Ireland and UK will enjoy and appreciate the authenticity  yet the superior quality of these products.

In fact we already have many customers in Ireland who are loyal to MATARRANIA mainly because the products deliver excellent results and it is hard to find this hight standard of effectiveness !




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