How to Make a Shiny Strengthening Hair Mask.

Here we are again! It’s November, and it’s time to share WapoBeauty’s recipe of the month. This month we’ll be looking at a lovely shiny strengthening hair mask. Simple, quick, and easy, this recipe only uses three ingredients to give your hair some much needed TLC this autumn. Read on to find out how to make this shiny strengthening hair mask at home.


For the shiny strengthening hair mask, you’ll need:

  • 1 raw egg
  • ½ lemon
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil

Some of you who make mayonnaise at home might recognise these ingredients and quantities. Yes, you will essentially be making mayonnaise for this lovely natural hair mask. Mayca has been using this hair mask since she was a child and can attest to its effectiveness. The secret behind the efficacy is the properties of each of the ingredients and how they work together.

Properties of the Ingredients

Let’s take a look at the individual benefits of each of these wonderful ingredients.


The incredible edible egg, as many call it, has lots of vitamins and nutrients that can help you stay healthy both inside and out. When it comes to your hair, the egg’s yolk is particularly beneficial. Egg yolks have lots of vitamins that help our hair become more resistant to damage. Eggs work well as a natural moisturiser for dry hair and split ends. 

Hair-loving ingredients like Vitamin A and E, as well as folate and biotin, are present in eggs, which make them ideal for hair masks. These vitamins and nutrients, plus the levels of iron found in eggs, allow this natural wonder to improve cell growth. As a matter of fact, the combination of all of these nutrients can even help your hair grow faster.

Lemon juice

As with most citrus, lemons are famous for their high Vitamin C content. Vitamin C helps boost our body’s immunity and reduce inflammation. For hair, lemon juice naturally lightens hair because it is a natural oxidising agent. When exposed to the sun, this effect is double fold. However, this natural effect will be more noticeable on people with darker hair.

Regardless of hair colour, lemon juice can also help make your hair naturally shiny. When we wash our hair, the minerals in the water often bind to our hair and make it look duller. Lemon juice can cut down that build up and leave your hair looking shinier than before. The oxidising agent and Vitamin C in lemon juice also help reduce excess oil present in your hair. Lemon juice can even help naturally treat dandruff brought on by excess hair oil.

Olive Oil

Rich olive oil has a long history of being used in natural beauty, whether that’s for hair, skin, or nails. Olive oil gives shine, softness, body, and strength to just about anything you use it on. In terms of hair, olive oil works as a great natural conditioner because it moisturises hair and even nourishes hair cuticles. 

Besides keeping your hair moisturised, soft, and strong, olive oil can also help prevent typical pests. Armed with olive oil and an appropriate comb, you can even remove lice! Granted that natural preventative methods such as tea tree oil are preferable when it comes to keeping away these pests. Finally, olive oil can also help soothe your scalp and reduce flakes for someone suffering from dandruff.

Crafting your SHINY strengthening egg hair mask

Much like homemade mayonnaise, the procedure for this shiny strengthening hair mask is quite simple. Once you’ve measured out the ingredients, all you need to do is whisk them together. You can whisk by hand or with a mixer; whichever of the two is more comfortable for you. When the ingredients are mixed together and smooth, you’ll have a lovely hair mask that is ready to use. 

You should put this on dry hair as a pre-wash mask. Bear in mind that your hair will harden as the egg dries, but this texture will go away when you wash your hair thoroughly. Since this mask becomes quite viscous, you’ll need a high-pressure shower to rinse it off properly. After rinsing the mask off, shampoo your hair as you would normally.

Say hello to noticeably softer, shinier, and naturally more beautiful hair! Use this shiny strengthening hair mask as often as you like or feel comfortable with. The nourishing properties of the ingredients will keep your hair healthy and beautiful all year long.

The Takeaway

Whether or not you like mayonnaise, we’re sure that you’ll adore this shiny strengthening hair mask. By using this mask from time to time, you’ll be giving your hair a lovely, nourishing treat and helping to maintain its overall health. Remember to let us know in the comments how your hair mask turned out! Should you want to learn more about how to create natural skincare at home, check out WapoBeauty’s Soapmaking eBook. If you’re seeking more hands-on learning to formulate and craft safe and professional skin care products, consider signing up for WapoBeauty’s Natural Skincare Making Masterclass in Dublin later this month.


Ashuni Pérez is an American writer based in Valencia, Spain. She has a passion for natural beauty and the environment. Ashuni loves to cycle and drink smoothies in the sun. Follow her on Instagram at @ashuuuuni

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