Summer Fun!.

As we all know and love,the summer weather has been amazing this past couple of weeks in Ireland. It has given many people a chance to do things they haven’t had a chance to in so long, like go to the beach, start back playing a loved sport or even do a bit of gardening. It has given the people of Ireland a spring in their step and a push to get out and go to things you’ve put off in the past.

Over the weekend, I went to the two concert’s held in the Phoenix Park, The Killers and Mumford & Sons. The sight of thousand’s of fans in shorts and lying in the sun listening to their favorite music looked straight out of a picture you might see advertising a foreign country!

Both bands were brilliant with the end of Mumford and Sons set being my personal highlight. All the supporting acts were invited back on stage to perform the well-known ‘Galway Girl’. Spirits were sky high and as you looked around you just knew this was a Summer you’d never forget!

Great Memories of this Sunny Summer!


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