Gazpacho.Fast,healthy easy food !.

Gazpacho !

Maybe these tips will help Irish people deal better with the heatwave  and enjoy this wonderful weather we are having this year in Ireland. I know it can be difficult for some people who are not used to hot weather and this is why I feel obliged to transmit my personal experience about living in the heat for 40 years in Malaga my hometown. Even though Dublin doesn’t reach the high temperature of 37 degrees  that Malaga does especially in July and August it is still quite warm here now.

It is important to establish that when you are living in hot season your habits, routine, clothes, food, drinks, timetables ….basically your way of life needs to be very different to the winter habits and having an  Irish stew when you are roasting  is not the best idea.. common sense guys!!

Go for good fresh and colorful salads ( there are hundred of salad varieties …think outside the box), fruits smoothies with ice, grilled chicken or fish fillet, nuts, fruits …nutritious and fast tasty food that will keep you hydrated and with good energy levels. Drink plenty of water and even better, water with lemon and mint leaves.

Carry some water spray in your handbag and if your blood pressure goes down and you start feeling heavy spray the water on your pulse points, hands behind the neck and face.

Always have nuts, olives ( Superquinn sell small packets of olives) and  something salty in your handbag for situations when the heat knocks you down. This little handy healthy food saved me in the heat and during my 3 pregnancies too .

Eat small portions and more frequent during the day . This is key!

Here is one of a typical drinks we have in Andalusia (South region in Spain) when summer comes and your body don’t fancy food (solid food) . Good quick way of feeding your body and giving good energy levels and vitamins.


Ripe tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper, stale bread (preferable country French style white bread), olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper. Put them in a blender and serve with ice cubes in a nice big glass.

If you are into raw and vegan food this is a fantastic choice for summer !

Buen provecho !

Carpe diem,

La Mayca


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