My Natural sun care tips.

Here are some great Sun Care tips from Mayca..

There are few natural remedies to treat sunburn and one of the best is Organic Pure Aloe Vera gel. The biggest percentage of Aloe Vera contentin the product the better.I normally recommend our best seller Naetura Organics Aloe Vera gel which was the first Aloe Vera gel product in Europe to be certified Organic.It is pure aloe vera in a bottle nothing else. It is not only a product to treat sunburn but for many many other skin conditions such as dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, acne , rosacea, insect bites, chicken pox , cuts, wounds, infections, etc. You can apply this product as much times as you like. You also have the choice of a spray with NAETURA Organic Aloe Vera Xpress water which comes in a handy size for your handbag.A Quick cooling feeling on the go !!

Another simple remedy is to apply a damp cold towel on the sunburn area to lower the high temperature of the skin and taking a cool bath with Chamomile tea added to the water. Chamomile is anti-inflammatory and cooling. 

But the ideal thing is prevent sunburn in the first place by following these Sun Care tips:

·         Always use Organic natural sun cream with high SPF especially if your skin is pale. SPF 50 is the highest. 

·         Use hat and sunglasses.

·         Drink plenty of water as sunbathing dehydrates your skin and body.

·         Don’t wear perfumes or products that contains alcohol, make-up.

·         Don’t ingest or wear  St. John’s Wort herb products . This herb is photosensitive and it reacts with the sun provoking burns and brown spots.

·         Try to avoid the sun  at peak hours 12-4 pm especially children. 

For  a prolonging tan it is good to take a bath with black tea infusion added to the water. 

At you can find a lovely certified Organic range of suncreams called ECO-COSMETICS suitable for all the family.They are water resistant, petrochemicals, preservatives , and paraben free, suitable for sensitive skin and vegans. Not tested on animals and CO2 neutral. Customers who used to suffer sun allergy using other sun screen products or brands have found that ECO Cosmetics work brilliantly for them. 

I hope this info is useful for you and it helps to enjoy our wonderful Irish summer this year !




Mayca Fernandez

tel. 0872275398

Fetac Level 5 Food Science and Nutrition Diploma

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