Hot seaweed bath experience in Ireland.

My Hot seaweed bath experience was one of the highlights of this gorgeous weekend I spent with my partner in Co. Kerry .

Collin’s hot seaweed baths is located in Ballybunion Co.Kerry and it is not at all glamorous place but certainly real vintage at this little village right on the West coast of Ireland.

You just walk in and ask for a bath, it only costs €20 for 30min  and no appointment is necessary . The place consist of  a little bar reception and 5 bathrooms and a plain old-fashion yet charming conservatory waiting room with lovely beach views.

Hot seaweed bathroom


The guy in charge comes with a bucket of seaweeds (Fucus Serratus) brown seaweeds that after releasing its natural oils , water becomes green meaning that seaweeds are not useful anymore. Those oils has amazing properties and benefits to your skin and health. He put it into the bath, put hot and cold water and leaves a nice fluffy towel on the chair for you.

When you go into the bath you immediately feel that you are about to experience something completely new and different. The water is dense with a viscose texture and the seaweeds caress your body in a sensual unique way. It doesn’t smell and even it can look and feel sticky and oily but it glides on your skin . I submerge my head as I wanted my hair to get the extraordinary benefits from the seaweed . Seaweeds are well-known from it richness on proteins, vitamins and minerals. It is not only good for your skin but it is very relaxing for your muscles and it stimulates your blood circulation and metabolism.  This is one of the reason that you feel warm all day long after a hot seaweed bath.

hot seaweed bath

When you get out of the bath you expect that your skin would feel oily but it doesn’t at all you just dry yourself up with a towel including your hair and go ! You are more than squeaky clean .

After this bath your skin feels deeply clean as seaweeds thoroughly exfoliate your skin in a unconventional way, your face is radiant and moisturized, extremely soft and your body and mind are absolutely relaxed in a way that I haven’t felt before.

Everyone should experience a hot seaweed bath especially those who suffer from skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne …. Paul had one as well before me and you can see immediate improvement on his psoriasis.

Once again Nature is wise and you don’t need to pay a fortune to enjoy the beauty benefits from it.


Carpe diem

La Mayca x

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  1. Mayca and ladies,is not quite the same as your experience, I am sure,but you can get an organic Seaweed Bath at home!! I got one from
    Wild Irish Sea Veg offers edible seaweed sustainably hand harvested, air and sun dried and hand packaged to ensure only the best quality seaweed reaches you. Our range of edible seaweed covers Dillisk, Carrageen (Irish moss), Kombu, Sugar Kelp, Atlantic Wakame (Alaria), Nori (laver), Bladderwrack, Sea Spaghetti and Spirulina. They also offer Fucus serratus bath. I got a starter pack for €20.- you can also go into one of their seaweed safaris!! They arebasedin Co.Clare andI am sure you would love it that much you would stock it for your own shop and then I can buy it from you directly along with my orders 🙂

    1. Interesting Eva. Thank you for sharing. I have been a while thinking about stocking seaweeds . I will look into it.

  2. Ladies we are stocking Irish seaweeds now ! Search on our BRANDS for Mungo Murphy’s seaweed company please. Hope you like them 🙂 x

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