How to treat Hayfever naturally.

Every single year is the same since I was a little girl hayfever pays a visit around April or May.

I have had 3 terrible hayfever days . It really hit me by surprise as soon as came back from my mini-holidays in Spain. I started to take anti-histaminic that don’t work and make me feel drowsy, sleepy and not good at all.

Forgot that a couple of years I had discovered a FANTASTIC product called ALLICIN MAX  , allicin is the active ingredient present in garlic (one of the most well-known natural antibiotic in Nature)  that it destroyed when cooked . Love raw garlic but you need to eat a lot of cloves in order to get enough amount of allicin and the afterwards breath smell is not nice as you know . I don’t really mind myself but I understand it is not pleasant for people around me.

Solution ? Buy these tablets that contains 100% allicin and do an excellent work . Got them yesterday and SAVED my life. My hayfever symptoms radically stopped 1 hour after taking them. It works great for cold, flu, etc… You need to take 10 every day if you are having severe symptoms then you can gradually decrease the amount and ideally take 1 as maintenance. This is all explained in the prospect inside the box.

I am not a doctor and I do not intend to prescribe this to anyone . This product was recommended by a qualified Nutritionist and I am just sharing my wonderful experience as I know how hard is dealing with severe hayfever symptoms that definitely can disrupt your daily routine by making you feel very sick.

Hope it works for you !

La Mayca x

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