Why You Should Try Facial Massage.

If you don’t already own a jade roller or a gua sha stone, you’ve most likely seen one on social media somewhere. These facial massage tools, which originated in ancient Chinese medicine, have been revived in recent years by the natural beauty world. Combining natural oils, crystals, and the pressure of the human hand, facial massage is naturally changing faces around the globe. Perhaps one of the greatest things about this type of massage is that, if you want to, you can do it at home! In this article we’ll cover five surprising benefits of facial massage and why you should consider trying it.

Helps Detox Your Skin

In life, we put our face first and as a result, it absorbs everything. This can be stress from external or internal factors, free radicals from the environment, and of course, all the products we put on our face. Therefore, detoxing your facial skin from time to time is necessary. Facial massage increases blood flow to the skin, boosts lymphatic drainage, and can help cleanse your skin from the inside out. Regular facial massage can also help combat acne and breakouts. 

Tones and Sculpts the Face

Proponents of natural beauty love to use facial massage to tighten and lift facial skin. This can be done with a gua sha stone, a jade roller, or your hands. Facial massage brings oxygen to the face, increases collagen production, and stimulates face muscles. It’s like the gym for your face; the more you massage and work your muscles, the tighter and more toned they’ll be. Bear in mind that this massage should be gentle as it only takes mild, but regular massage to activate the face muscles.

Improves Circulation

Facial massage can increase circulation and bring more blood to the face. Just like doing cardio, this rush of blood and oxygen helps invigorate the face. Improved circulation in the face will mean less puffiness around the eyes, especially in that troublesome under eye area! Not to mention that better circulation and more oxygen in the face will give you a naturally beautiful glow. There’s nothing so lovely as your skin glowing on its own without any product whatsoever.

Fights the Signs of Ageing

Because facial massage helps remove toxins from the skin, sculpts, tones, and boosts circulation, it can even help turn back the clock. While the full effect it can have depends on your current beauty routine, facial massage can help reduce signs of ageing. Massaging face muscles can help remove tension and tone, meaning that fine lines melt away. How often you practise facial massage will also affect its impact. People with normal to dry skin should do it at least once a month, while those with combination or oily skin would benefit from it twice a month.

Boosts Relaxation

Relaxing is just as important for the body as it is for the mind. We often hold stress in our muscles, like our back, shoulders, or forehead. Massage can help release that stress and relax the muscles, which will improve their function and make you feel better overall. Facial massage helps accomplish this in the face. Reducing stress and finding time to relax is essential, especially as we age.

Tips for Facial Massage

Anyone looking to incorporate facial massage into their beauty routine will be relieved to know that it’s simple! Still, it’s vital to take it slow and begin with small, gentle movements. To begin, massage the neck in upward movements and slowly progress to the neckline and face. As you make your way up, remember to massage the pressure points on the face. Massage the skin around the eyes in gentle, circular motions to boost blood flow in this delicate area.

Both your face and tools should be clean before a massage. For best results, you should apply a face oil or serum to moisturise and soothe the skin. This added layer will help your tools or fingers glide along your face, providing a gentle but effective massage.

The Takeaway

Facial massage can improve everyone’s skin in a natural and relaxing way. We hope that you’ll consider incorporating facial massage into your skincare routine to boost your health and achieve a beautiful glow. If you want to learn more about natural skincare, consider taking up soapmaking with the help of WapoBeauty’s Soapmaking eBook. For guided learning, check out our Complete Facial Skincare Online Course for Beginners and discover how to make professional, safe, and stable natural beauty products. Join the ranks of students who found this class valuable and rewarding!   



Ashuni Pérez is an American writer based in Valencia, Spain. She has a passion for natural beauty and the environment. Ashuni loves to cycle and drink smoothies in the sun. Follow her on Instagram at @ashuuuuni  


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