5 reasons to make your own skincare.

I am often asked why you should bother to make your own cosmetics, some women especially mothers would say to me that they don’t have time to pamper themselves never mind making the products .

Well the good news are that making your own skincare products take literally minutes depending on the product you are making. It is down to knowledge and practice . Believe me it is so rewarding !!

Here are my top 5 reasons to make your own skincare products:

1.- You know exactly what is in your products as opposed when buying conventional cosmetics that claim to be “natural” and no one bother to read the small print. Making a cosmetic product from scratch is like cooking a recipe from a scratch . You will get a better quality product that deliver results. FACT !

2.- You save huge money. Most of the times when you buying conventional skincare products you are paying packaging and branding publicity rather than the content cost.

3.- Every ingredient you are using in the product is RAW unprocessed and ACTIVE  this means it is an ACTIVE INGREDIENT it has an ACTION on your skin, it has genuine benefits and properties which your skin will thank you for it. This is essential to make a product EFFECTIVE. The biggest percentage of active ingredients in a formula the better.

4.-  You can PERSONALIZE your products . Yes you can learn about which ingredients are best for your skin, which ones are not suitable for your skin, eliminate those which might give you skin reaction , and the combination of ingredients and formula is endless .

5.- You can make wonderful gifts to your friends and relatives and of course make products for your husband and children. Since I became a natural skincare teacher I make products for everyone in Christmas, birthdays, etc… and you know what people LOVE it because it is so unusual and using their favorite aroma they really appreciate you took the time and effort to make something unique for themselves.


Carpe diem


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