TIPS to save money on skincare making equipment  when you make your own skincare products at home, and they work great without spending a fortune  !!

  • – Recycle plastic measuring spoons from medicine syrup bottles . They are fantastic to measure small amounts to make your formulas. Wash them and dry them properly. Store these type of small tools in a dry clean plastic container/tupperware.
    -Recycle plastic syringes too even better as some of them measures 0.5 ml. Great when you use botanical extracts and/or essential oils normally at low percentage.
    -Recycle any glass jars to store ingredients and products. Remember to clean them thoroughly . Dishwasher is perfect but DRY them properly. Remember how important is not to leave water going into your products. Dry them in a low temperature oven or with hairdryer .
    -Use silicone muffin/cake cases to make bath melts, bath fizzes, lotion bars and even soaps ! –
    – Get little containers, plastic and/or metals and many more little handy cute things in shops like DEALZ , Mr.Price , IKEA .
    – Milk frothier (sorry not sure about the spelling) from IKEA is fantastic for a couple of euros. It comes very handy when you make emulsions 
  • To scoop emulsions or any other thick mixtures into the jars THE BEST  tool ever is a kid size cake scrapper /spatula .
  • This way you can save money in equipment that you can rather spend in lovely good quality ingredients which is what it really matters: quality in your product , skincare products that deliver results .

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