9 Benefits of making your own beauty products.


* You tailor the product to suit your skin and/or your family skin needs. You choose favorite scents, texture, packaging, etc
* You know exactly WHAT is IN your products !
* You save HUGE money in buying skincare products that are expensive and NOT effective 
* You achieve healthier and more radiant skin from day one. Yes you do !!! Your skin becomes more balance , no breakouts, no blemishes, you give to your skin what it needs. 

*You are feeding your skin with good nutrients that protect and repair skin cells

* You will be able to make superior quality products comparing to the most of conventional cosmetics found in stores nowadays
* You can make wonderful skincare gifts for your family and friends
* You stop your body and your children absorbing harmful chemicals

*You can start your own little business by creating your own range of skincare products to sell to the public 

*If you are a beauty or holistic therapist professional you can make skincare products to suit your clients needs.
* It is fun and a rewarding activity

*It is a mindfulness practice

* You learn a new LIFESKILL that certainly will improve your lifestyle and well-being, you will teach this skill to your children like cooking beautiful healthy food

….the list of benefits is endless…

On top of all those the benefits of making your own beauty products is that  you improve your wellbeing by using powerful essential oils, herbal extracts, so good for your mind and spirit as many essential oils are beneficial to reduce anxiety, stress, relieve depression. They are anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and many antis !

And on top of all that again you are caring for our environment and our precious planet.

It is a win-win guys. No doubt about it .


La Mayca x

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  1. Mayca, I enjoyed your recent workshop on facial skincare, and the great products we made, along with your gifts and generous sharing of more formulas to work with at home. Your approach shows and inspires respect for natural quality ingredients, and integrity in the making process . It expands understandings of what quality means in awareness of own daily skincare choices, for ourselves , family and friends.

    1. Thank you Lorraine for such a wonderful feedback and taking the time to write it here . Happy cosmetic making !! I am sending all the notes today x

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