DIY homemade hands scrub.

DIY homemade hands scrub

Forgot that I did this video tutorial a couple of years ago. This product is amazingly effective and so simple to do.

Watch and enjoy healthy soft hands !

You can replace Camelina oil for Extra virgin olive oil and if you don’t have a natural lemon handy you can use a couple of Lemon essential oil .

This diy homemade hands scrub has a lot of skin benefits .

Olive oil is moisturizing, nourishing and packed with antioxidants and vitamins. High in Vitamin E

Sugar is whitening and remove dead cells from your skin,  gently soften hard skin

Lemon is whitening, brightening natural agent and of course healing .

This diy homemade hands scrub is also greatly beneficial to strengthen and whitening your nails especially after removing nail polish that often leaves stain nails.


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