I am taking advantage to write about this wonderful multi-purpose natural ingredient /product that is coconut oil due to a recent and popular  post on Facebook of a woman swearing by the amazing results of using coconut oil to treat eczema . The post went viral and of course I shared it on my Facebook page

I have used natural plant oils for more than 8 years to look after mine and my family skin. Coconut oil is one of those basic plant oils that should be in every house all year round.

One of many things that differentiate coconut oils from other oils is its nearly indefinite shelf  life (4 o 5 years aprox) as long as it is stored and kept properly.

Here are some of the many uses of this beautiful oil that does not only smells exotic it cover many of your skincare needs . Actually having a good jar of coconut oil could literally replace many of your skincare essentials and more …! Nowadays every supermarket sell it and that recent post on Facebook said that you can even find it in Aldi. I got one this morning at the great value of €3.99 for 0.5 kg glass jar considering that I normally paid 3 times more this purchase was certainly a bargain. The brand is called COCO LOCO (Spanish words that mean crazy coconut) and it is raw and certified organic.

Now just so you know why is coconut oil is so good :

  • It is very good emollient for skincare products
  • Excellent in hair conditioners in combination with castor oil
  • It helps to encourage hair growth when suffering hair loss apart from giving a lot of glossy shine to your hair
  • It helps the skin to tan quicker although it does not contain SPF . How you ever wondered why those Tahitian women have a gorgeous tan skin ? There you go …
  • Very soothing on sensitive and irritated skin
  • It works very well on irritated, dry and dandruff scalp .

The presence of 3% of lauric acid naturally in this oil stands out from other natural oil giving its antiviral, antimicrobial, antiprotozoal and antifungal properties.

And these are only few uses of coconut oil .
Summer oil recipe  (100 ml)

This recipe is from one of my ingredients suppliers .

Note: Coconut oil melting point is 25 degrees celsius  therefore if you are in a hot country and using solid coconut oil (coconut butter)  , it will remain liquid  whether if you are in cold country like Ireland it will remain  solid although by combining with other liquids oil like in this recipe the whole mixture will remain liquid . In the event that it gets a bit solid just shake it or place it near the radiator before using it. 

30 ml Coconut oil ( fractionated coconut oil or if using the solid version -coconut butter-

just melted a few minutes  bane marie method)

30 ml Sesame oil

30 ml Sunflower oil

10 ml/g Vitamin E oil (undiluted)

5 drops Rosemary Antioxidant (CO2 extract)

Combine all the ingredients in a 100 ml dark glass/PET plastic bottle and shake. Enjoy !

Apply this beautiful body oil before sun exposure. Remember always use a high SPF cream on top.

Coconut oil and many other wonderful plant oils as well as butters, waxes, floral waters and essential oils are used in my skincare classes in Dublin.

If you can not attend my live skincare classes in Dublin-Ireland wherever you are in the world, you always have an option to learn how to make your own skincare products enrolling in my complete skincare making online course that I have personally designed for you  here 

Have a look this article I found from this people : We wrote a highly comprehensive and well-researched article about the benefits of coconut oil for hair loss. We referenced some of the highest quality scientific papers that exist online. It’s here if you’d like to take a


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