Approximately every 27 days, our skin regenerates. Thin layers of our old skin die and flake away as fresh, new skin makes its way to the surface. Typically, this happens without us noticing, but in the summertime, this process does not go unnoticed. Considering that more of our skin gets exposed to heat and UV rays during this time, it’s no surprise that it calls our attention. Since these external factors cause the skin to degenerate faster, we notice more of that dead skin at the end of each cycle.

Exfoliating is a simple way to eliminate dead skin and brighten your complexion naturally. While most people regularly exfoliate the skin on their faces, they may not remember to do the same for their body. When you are applying a plethora of lotions and potions onto your skin, it’s crucial to give it a deep clean regularly. Although a gentle natural loofah or brush can do the trick, some natural scrubs can help the skin regenerate faster. So, let’s explore some of the best natural exfoliating body scrubs you can use to keep your skin looking soft and bright this summer.

Benefits of Naturally Exfoliating

Including exfoliation in your skincare routine can help your skin immensely. Some of these benefits include:

Of course, when it comes to exfoliating naturally, there are even more benefits for you, as well as the environment. Freshly exfoliated skin is more receptive to the skincare products you place on it. Therefore, you want to ensure that what you are putting on your skin is entirely natural. Not to mention, natural scrubs that you can make at home don’t have any microplastics, microbeads, or other products that can harm marine life.

Best Natural Ingredients for Body Scrubs

Crafting natural exfoliating body scrubs at home can be stress-free and straightforward as long as you’ve got some of these ingredients.

Simple Body Scrubs to Try

Ensure that your skin is clean before you decide to use these exfoliating scrubs. Remember to leave the scrubs on for at least five to ten minutes while massaging them into the skin for maximum results.

Coffee and almond oil scrub

This easy, natural body scrub works well in summer. The combination of coffee and almond oil help your skin fight against the elements. To exfoliate and fight against cellulite at the same time, you can even switch the almond oil for tea tree oil. Add three parts coffee grounds to one part sweet almond oil. For extra exfoliation, you can also add one part brown sugar.

Green tea and sugar scrub

Green tea’s anti-inflammatory properties work well in this natural body scrub. Both of these ingredients work to combat ageing and boost skin rejuvenation. If your skin is very sensitive, you should consider using a finer sugar to avoid over-exfoliation and redness. Combine five parts sugar with three parts green tea, as well as two parts olive oil and one party honey. Those who are vegan can substitute honey with agave syrup.

Sea salt scrub

Exfoliating your skin with coarse sea salt will help leave it soft and glowing just in time for the beach. Not to mention, that this body scrub is so simple to make that it’ll quickly become a staple in your beauty routine. To make this natural exfoliating body scrub at home, add two parts sea salt to one part olive oil. To jazz this scrub up a bit, you can also add five to ten drops of the essential oil of your choosing.

The Takeaway

Taking care of your skin is much easier and more affordable when you can formulate natural exfoliating body scrubs at home. Take your skincare into your own hands by trying out some of these fresh and natural body scrubs this summer. If you are searching for more hands-on cosmetic making experience, sign up for WapoBeauty’s Shampoo Bar Workshop next month. Those interested in making their skincare at home should check out WapoBeauty’s Skincare Course for Beginners.



Ashuni Pérez is an American writer based in Valencia, Spain. She has a passion for natural beauty and the environment. Ashuni loves to cycle and drink smoothies in the sun. Follow her on Instagram at @ashuuuuni

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