How Coffee Can Improve Your Natural Beauty Routine

September 11, 2019

If you’re like a lot of people, you probably love brewing yourself a nice cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Coffee has a reputation for jumpstarting the mind and spirit, but it can help the body, too. As a matter of fact, coffee has so many benefits for your body that you may already be using it in your everyday beauty regime. For anyone who’s not yet convinced, let’s take a closer look at how coffee (and caffeine) can improve your natural beauty routine.

Caffeine Health Benefits

While drinking too much coffee can make you anxious and irritable, consuming an appropriate amount can have benefits. The caffeine present in coffee can help with:

  • Liver function
  • Improving brain function
  • Weight loss
  • Minimizing your risk of developing diabetes
  • Reducing your risk of heart disease
  • Increasing your stamina and muscle strength
  • Treating headaches or migraines

Although everyone is different and not everyone responds to caffeine in the same way. The key is balance and not going overboard with how much caffeine you ingest. 


Coffee can also seriously benefit your skin. The vitamins and minerals present in coffee help combat free radicals and fight off inflammation. Furthermore, caffeine can help reduce redness and even out your skin tone. As a result, coffee is a popular anti-ageing skin treatment. It’s no wonder why it’s commonly used in both day and night creams as it leaves the wearer with younger-looking skin. However, bear in mind that drinking too much coffee can really dehydrate your skin, so drink it in moderation.


While your hair’s health depends on both your follicles and your growth cycle, caffeine can help your hair grow stronger. Caffeine invigorates the body, mind, and hair roots, too! You can find it in plenty of shampoos, conditioners, and serums because of the way it helps hair grow. From minimizing hair loss to improving shine, coffee can make your hair more beautiful and manageable at the same time.

Ways to Use Coffee in Your Beauty Routine

Incorporating coffee into your beauty routine can have significant benefits. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some areas where it can help magnify your natural beauty.

Revive Tired Eyes

Whether its lack of sleep, dehydration, or genetics cause those dark circles under your eyes, coffee can help. The anti-inflammatory properties in caffeine help noticeably reduce the puffiness that comes along with dark circles. Also, the antioxidants in coffee will help tighten up your skin and renew its glow. Craft a fresh eye serum at home using coffee grounds and almond oil. Allow the grounds to steep in the oil for a few days, drain them out and combine this oil with some avocado oil for a potent under eye serum.


We talked all about natural body scrubs not too long ago, but we just can’t stop talking about coffee. This ingredient can do so much good, from waking you up to adding to your compost and of course, scrubbing your body. Although these scrubs can be a bit messy, they’re easy to wash away in the shower. Exfoliating with coffee not only removes dead skin cells and evens out your skin tone, but it also allows the nutrients in caffeine to penetrate the skin better. All of those antioxidants help increase collagen production, combat ageing, and keep your skin looking lovely.

Fight Off Acne

Surprise, surprise, caffeine can help with your acne, too! If you didn’t already know, coffee has antimicrobial properties which make it great for naturally cleansing your skin and preventing breakouts. Combined with the exfoliation and anti-inflammation treatment that this bean offers, your skin may begin to clear up naturally. Not to mention, the way that coffee tightens the skin and helps with pigmentation will undoubtedly make your complexion brighter.

Balance Hair and Scalp pH

Although you may never have considered washing your hair with coffee before, it may benefit you, especially if you struggle with hair loss. When the follicles on your scalp begin to weaken and cause hair loss, this is usually due to a hormonal imbalance in the body. However, the caffeine in coffee can help stimulate follicles and trigger hair growth. As coffee is quite acidic, it can also help naturally balance out the pH of your hair when using more basic products like shampoo and conditioner. If you want to give coffee a go, try rinsing with cold brew or even scrubbing your scalp with fresh or used grounds for a deep scalp exfoliation.

The Takeaway

Stop tossing out your coffee grounds and save them for some of these easy natural beauty tips. You may discover your new favourite fresh face mask to make at home! Anyone who loves to make natural cosmetics at home may be curious to learn about how to sell their creations. Well then, consider requesting WapoBeauty’s information guide on How to Sell Your Skincare Products Legally in Ireland and the EU. Those looking to formulate and make safe and professoinal skincare products should consider signing up for WapoBeauty’s Making Natural Skincare Day Course later this month.



Ashuni Pérez is an American writer based in Valencia, Spain. She has a passion for natural beauty and the environment. Ashuni loves to cycle and drink smoothies in the sun. Follow her on Instagram at @ashuuuuni

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