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Best Skincare Products 2022.

Finding the best skincare products can be a challenge as there are so many wonderful brands are there , yet you often don’t know what it is best for your skin. First thing first you need to know what type of skin you have and identify the issues you need to tackle.

Secondly it is helpful to have some knowledge about the ingredients in the product that will performance the right way to your issues . Knowing the key ingredients actions will undoubtedly assist in picking up the right product. Diving a deep further once you are learning about the ingredients you could actually learn how to make the product yourself.

As daunting it might sound , nowadays you can access thousands of skincare raw materials and the right tools to make every product you can imagine in the comfort of your own home.

I started to make my own skincare products on 2014 after a teacher training course in UK and I was fascinated to discover that this skill is actually possible to learn .

Coming back to the original topic the best skincare products are the ones you make yourself at home. Same as food, homemade good nutritious food that you cook at home always better.

Here is why making your own skincare products is the best option:

  • You choose the right ingredients and the ones your skin love
  • You choose the quality of those ingredients , hence the quality of the final product
  • Of course you will choose natural and organic ingredients if possible
  • You will make it yourself with your own hands
  • You take control of your beauty regime
  • You will feel the pleasure of achievement
  • You know what it is exactly in the product: no marketing false claims
  • The fun

It is key to identify what type of skin you have in order to pick the right ingredients to make the product. Often happens that many women when feel a bit oil on their skin think that their skin is combination. Some people are afraid of oils on the skin .It should not be worrying. Natural sebum is good sign of a healthy skin . The sebaceous lipids are primarily non polar lipids as triglycerides, wax esters and squalene, while epidermal lipids are a mixture of ceramides, free fatty acids and cholesterol. So here they are some of the key ingredients you will find in many skincare products to moisturize our skin : squalene, wax, ceramides and fatty acids. Plant oils are rich in different type of fatty acids and there are literally hundred of beautiful oils to choose from.

There are tones of information and videos out there to learn how to make products however there are also a lot misinformation and bad practice. Make sure you choose to follow the right qualified people in order to learn how to make  your skincare products from scratch. Follow people who know their stuff no the ones that mix and match materials and that’s it. They think they know .

It is hard to know who knows and who doesn’t when you  are beginner is this cosmetic making world.

Here you can take your first step to explore this world . Start making amazing balms with me 



Mayca Fernandez

Certificate in Advanced Cosmetic Science




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