How to sell skincare products in Ireland and Europe.

How to sell skincare products in Ireland and Europe

Totally understand the excitement of many who would love to create your own range of skincare products to sell to the public. You have been thinking about this dream for a while and you wonder where to start. I have been there myself. Researching, reading , asking questions on how to proceed on the legal side. However this is often overlooked: you must learn how to formulate and make a skincare product before moving on the legal procedure.

Any cosmetic product must achieve a Cosmetic Safety Product Report  called CPSR by a Cosmetic Chemist assessor, proper label and everything else to comply under EU cosmetic law.  I remember years ago working for Yogandha oils in Dublin and looked after of the paperwork and manufacturing of  their wonderful products. No long after this challenge I started to type all the information compiled and build a guidance eBook for my fellow entrepreneurs . For all this information and steps to be taken you can get my package guidance with high valuable information in the link below .  If you follow all those steps in the package your product would be fully legal to sell to the public.

No matter how many certificates, diploma and knowledge you have even if you are a chemist, a doctor, a pharmacist  what it really counts when formulating and selling a product to the public is  the product itself  (not you, your certificate or diploma)that must be SAFE and comply EU regulations or the competent regulations in your country.

I insist it is THE PRODUCT which needs to comply the regulations not your studies. On other note you would only require official certificates and diploma in cosmetic chemistry  ONLY if you are planning to work as cosmetic chemist  for a relevant  company in this industry. You do not need certificate or diploma to start your own business/brand and sell legally skincare products to the public.

Certificate of completion issued by WapoBeauty  has not academic value as I am private school who teach in good faith based on my knowledge, professional training and experience . It is a reference for yourself and for others, and will demonstrate that you completed and understood the content of this online specific course.  For official certificate and diploma you need to study in a official Institute or University that will cost few thousand euros and you will need Science studies degree /background.

My online courses is a  shortcut to gain good solid foundation knowledge to start creating good professional standard products but AGAIN ultimately it is your product creation that need will be assessed (not your diploma)to sell it to the public.

There are 20.000 of cosmetic ingredients/products in the market for you to use . A good percentage are natural and natural derivatives that you can include in a product to create your amazing and unique products. Be creative and have fun and don’t forget to dare to fail !

How can I help ?

I have assisted a number of entrepreneurs over the last years who have successfully built  a nice brand of products. I can assist you with my one-to-one formulation consultancy /training or I can formulate a professional product from scratch for you if you do not feel confident.

You can find my package guidance on how to sell skincare products legally in Ireland and EU . It is a booklet with clear steps from a to z , how and what and which order to do every single thing for your product to comply EU cosmetic regulations. It took me months to gather clear and practical information to make this process the easier possible way without being overwhelming.

If you don’t know where to start give me a call and will help you to clear out some doubts.


Start creating  one or two products maximum at first . There is always time to add more wonderful products to the range using the past experience and feedback from the first products.

Enjoy the journey of creating YOUR signature product to stand out of the rest of the brands. There are too many brands selling the same type of product. Be unique and different.

Follow the trends and demand as much as possible of plastic free, zero packaging, natural ingredients, simple , functional, multi-purpose products, small label ingredients. You can beat the versatility of natural skincare  .

If you would like to practice and make more face skincare  products before you get confident to formulate from scratch you can enjoy a nice BONUS  50% discount, enter the word halfprice at the check out to purchase my 60 FACE FORMULA EBOOK HERE


Mayca Fernandez

Cosmetic Formulator and Consultant –

Certificate in Advanced Cosmetic Science

Food Science & Nutrition diploma

Natural Dermocosmetic Lab technician diploma

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