Ingredients To Avoid in Natural Skincare Products.

A quick blogpost to summarize the ingredients that should not be used in a genuine natural skincare product.

A common question is what ingredients to avoid in natural skincare products whether if you create your own products or purchase in the stores. The names below are easily found in the cosmetic label ingredients on many products . These products are usually marketed as natural and organic skincare products however they are not . This marketing practice is called “greenwashing”.

If you already formulate and create your own skincare products it is easier not to buy the ingredients below . Use their natural substitute which luckily there are hundreds you will learn how to do this in my formulation course

There is really no need to use synthetic to make good and effective skincare products. Synthetics ingredients with a toxic load are harmful for our health and our environment. Nowadays there are hundred of studies that proof that toxic ingredients in cosmetics causes all type of  illnesses and serious ones like cancer.

A recent study in Florida has concluded that 14 tones of chemicals are discarded into our oceans, yes our beautiful beaches we love to enjoy in our holidays, only from the cosmetic industry. This is extremely sad. I grew up by the sea and living by the ocean right now.  I definitely see the difference. What are we doing to our beautiful beaches ? and to the innocent aquatic beings victims of gendering alteration hence the  impact in our food chain.

A good tip to start with is search for certification stamp like COSMOS. According to COSMOS standard of organic skincare this is the list of ingredients to avoid based on functionality in the formula.

I know it takes a little bit longer to buy a product when you need to read and understand the label. However is totally worthy . The attractive claim and packaging and the smell and feel of the product can bring you out of track and forget the most important thing: What is the product made of? what is in it? The same way you would do it with food you should do it with cosmetics

Some of the most common ingredients to avoid:

Petrochemicals, all ingredients derivate from petroleum such as : mineral oil, parafinnum liquidum, silicones (all the names that end in -cone or -xane)

Ethoxylated materials: PEG – (number) , ingredients ending in -eth like sodium laureth sulphate commonly found in haircare products even in the expensive hair salon .

Preservatives: Phenoxyethanol and parabens family

Active ingredients which are in propylene glycol (synthetic humectant)

Synthetic peptides

Synthetic fragrances

PARFUM this is a global term that you can’t really know what is there. It can be something natural or synthetic, or a mix of substances you will never know. This is the “secret” part of the formula that is not revealed and it is allowed in EU cosmetic regulations.


Making your own skincare products is the way to control every ingredient that go in your product and needless to say it is a lots of fun! See my complete online course . Remember I will be your personal tutor along the course. The course is prerecorded and you can follow it at your own pace

If making your own is not your thing then buy smart , make sure what you are buying is genuinely natural and transparent. No greenwashing. One of my favorite brands is Ringana COSMOS organic FRESH products without preservatives , NO fragrances, no essential oils  and 100% natural active ingredients . I use Ringana products personally and my family as well since I don’t make much products myself lately.  I have studied the brand thoroughly and fell in love with it. I did all the work for you before recommending and committing to this amazing brand. My favorite products are the face cleanser, moisturizer and serum their formula include top quality materials, the one and only hyaluronic acid, natural peptides, powerful flower and plant extracts , probiotics and more. The ingredient label is on the product page.

Love the deodorant and the sunscreen range as well. My teenager daughter has combination skin with breakouts and redness at the moment. She ( very fuzzy )absolutely loves LIGHT cream

Her skin is balanced , beautiful and healthy without absorbing/inhaling toxins.

Let me know if you need help in your decision to respect your health and our environment


La Mayca x


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