Ingredients To Avoid in Natural Skincare Products.

A quick blogpost to summarize the ingredients that should not be used in a genuine natural skincare product.

A common question is what ingredients to avoid in natural skincare products whether if you create your own products or purchase in the stores. The names below are easily found in the cosmetic label ingredients on many products . These products are usually marketed as natural and organic skincare products however they are not . If you already formulate and create your own skincare products is easier not to buy the ingredients below and use their natural substitute which luckily there are many.

According to COSMOS standard of organic skincare this is the list of ingredients to avoid based on functionality in the formula.


Humectants : propylene glycol

Oils/emollients: mineral oil , silicone

Synthetic gums : Carbomers or polymers

Emulsifiers : ethoxylates, PEGS and materials that end in -eth

Surfactants (ingredients most commonly found in haircare): ethoxylates, PEGS, sulfonates, sulfates, sarcosinates, isethionates, sulfoacetates. However many of these lists are biodegradable but semi-synthetic

Solubilizers; Polysorbates or PEG oils

Preservatives: Phenoxyethanol and parabens

Active ingredients which are in propylene glycol, or synthetic peptides or preservatives.

No synthetic fragrances



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