March 21, 2014

#nomakeupselfie It was great to see how women contribute to a great cause and dare to do a selfie without make-up on !. Yesterday I did my nomakeupselfie (don't normally wear...

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Trilogy Rosehip oil the best
March 18, 2014

I have known this fabulous brand for years now and I have tried , tested and am still loyal to the wonderful Rosehip oil as a precious beauty product that saved my skin years ago...

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Benecos make up workshops project
March 13, 2014

I love to encourage women to use natural beauty products including make up as well. As many of you know conventional make-up products are full of toxic and nasty chemicals . I was...

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Beauty show in Dublin
March 10, 2014

I decided to visit the Beauty Show in RDS in Dublin today Monday afternoon as I didn't like the experience last year when I visited on a Sunday you couldn't nearly walked around...

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The best 3 natural products for acne
March 5, 2014

Acne is basically and mainly caused by excess of sebum clogging the pores and subsequently the pore get infected resulting in unpleasant break-outs. Therefore there are 2...

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Only 2 steps to treat eczema naturally
February 28, 2014

Only 2 steps to treat eczema naturally Customers and Facebook fans ask me often what cream or lotion can they use for their children or themselves  who suffer eczema. I always...

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The top 4 natural skin brighteners
February 25, 2014

The top 4 natural skin brighteners Hyperpigmentation is a very annoying skin condition that adds you at least 10 years . Skin brighteners have been always my priority product...

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Google + challenge
February 24, 2014

Google+ challenge of the day ! This morning started beautiful and bright. Blue sky with a lovely yellow shinning sun. Not bad after being weeks and weeks with a grey sky over...

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Organic Argan oil -Moroccan Natural-
February 18, 2014

Organic Argan oil If you haven't tried Argan oil on your skin and/or your hair  yet you are missing out a must-have powerful beauty  superfood product. Argan oil arrived...

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Lavera shampoo Organic Mango review
February 10, 2014

Lavera shampoo Organic Mango and Organic avocado  does what it says in the bottle ! It gives a gorgeous shine and leaves your hair squeaky clean and super soft ...ahhhh and the...

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