Celebrate An Eco-friendly St. Patrick’s Day.

Tomorrow, March 17th, is the biggest holiday in Ireland and for Irish people across the globe: St. Paddy’s! While lockdown may be limiting how you can celebrate the holiday, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day. Anyone who is concerned about the environment or isn’t a fan of waste may be searching for more eco-friendly ways to spend the day. After all, it should be about Irish culture, heritage and togetherness! Read on to discover some eco-friendly activities for St. Patrick’s Day. 

Spend The Day In Nature

One of the most beautiful things about Ireland is its nature. So, planning a day in which you walk or hike through its hills is a splendid way to enjoy St. Paddy’s. Just outside of Dublin, you’ll find the town of Killiney, which offers a lovely walk along the coast back towards the city. If you’re up for a brisk swim, there’s a popular swimming spot where locals dive in to indulge in the Irish Sea. Of course, the country is full of stunning natural trails, and no doubt there’s one near you!

Shop Local and Sustainable Goods

For many, nothing says it’s St. Patrick’s Day like a nice meal and a good pint! Should you be willing to branch out and support local, we recommend skipping all the usual supermarkets. Pick up your holiday goods at a small business near you. Not only will you be helping a local business make ends meet, but you’ll also be reducing pollution from food miles and transport. You may even discover a new local beer or wine for the occasion!

Have St. Patrick’s Day Picnic

Those looking to safely celebrate the day in good company may want to go the picnic route. Safe social interaction plus fresh air and sun make a lovely backdrop for a picnic. Gathering outdoors is recommendable as well, considering that it offers plenty of space and ventilation. If you or your friends have kids, they’ll be thrilled about being able to run around and play outside. Meanwhile, you can sample all the recipes your friends learned about in lockdown. It’s a win-win!

Go For A Bike Ride

Organising a bike route is a good option for those looking to get some exercise on St. Paddy’s. Whether you decide to cycle through the cities, towns, or nature, the feeling of wind in your hair will bring a smile to your face on this special day. You can even decorate your bike and make a mini St. Patrick’s Day parade. Kids who’ve been missing out on the excitement and normal festivities will love this idea! However, be sure that you’ve decided on the entire route before leaving, as you want to be sure everyone is on the same page.

Exercise Your Green Thumb

A more low-key option for those looking to celebrate their Irish heritage is gardening. Granted that you can relish in Ireland’s greenery any day, but what better to truly revel in it than on St. Patrick’s Day? Get your hands dirty, ground yourself, and frolic in your garden. The smell of dirt, grass, and plants has a calming effect on most people, and you’ll be surprised how quickly time flies when you’re working in the garden. If you’re lucky, you may even find a four-leaf clover while you’re there!

The Takeaway

Celebrate an eco-friendly St. Patrick’s Day and enjoy the holiday while still respecting the environment this year. For anyone looking to learn more about natural options and skincare, check out the WapoBeauty eBooks. Also, you still have a chance to reserve a spot in the Mamas & Babies Skincare Workshop on March 27th. As always, find comprehensive skincare lessons in our Complete Facial Skincare Online Course for Beginners and discover how to make professional, safe, and stable natural beauty products. We invite you to enrol in the course where you will learn how to make a luxurious Hyaluronic acid serum, cleanser, cream, face mask, moisturiser, gel, lotion, serum, toner, mist, exfoliant, elixir, ointment and fresh cosmetics.

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